Saturday, May 26, 2007

Gap Kuwait

Gap is finally open in The Avenues. It's size is disappointing and I got more disappointed when I didn't find my size for the lovely crochet flip flops I found. The sales person said when I asked for my size: "That's all what we have in the WOMEN'S section" with a fake smile.
Did she have to say women's? Do I have to get THAT look each time I ask for my size?
Jeans on the shelves were dusty too. I had to close my eyes to save my lenses.

Read Zahra's review


I saw Pirates of the Caribbean Part3. I and my friends laughed and kicked so hard while the rest of the audience were dead quiet. We weren't sure if we were the silly ones, or if the audience was too heavy blooded (damhom thigeel). I just googled heavy blooded to know if this adjective existed in English just like in Arabic and this is what I got LOL an old post of mine.


Aren't I posting too much lately? I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing my writer's block curse is gone. el 7imdella, mashalla, Allahu akbar.

Writer's block
Overcoming writer's block


The past few days, I've been connecting with our neighbours internet account ;D
wanasa, but it only works well on weekends. Is there a way he can know I'm connecting through his account?


Jacqui said...

I so agree about GAP being so small, and didn't you want to just sue the guy who designed it, I mean I was bumping through everything and I'm not that fat! Imagine our large friends and how they would manueveur around getting from one section to another. The selections were quite few and I don't know I didn't like it at all.

I want to watch POTC3!

And I don't know where my posts have gone since I haven't posted in such a long time.

Breeze said...

LoooL !!

I WAS ABOUT TO tell you that u've been writting ALOT latley that we've got no enuogh time to comment on your previous posts .. :P

U're being hyper active writer Which is GREAT ! :D ..

and am soooooo happy , and so on excited to read more about u , i mean whenever i get into the net, the first thing knock on my mind is reading what's new on ur blog cuz u're totall energy in writting latley made me BE SURE in every time that there is something new ;) ..

especially after i got used to know that u're one of those bloggers who write once every week .. :P ..

Hope that ur active in writting stay on this STATUS cuz i got used to it now ;)


aham shay u're using u're neighbour's connection :P LOL !!

u didn't buy the wataniya Wireless yet ? and BTW: e-go is much faster than wataniya , this in case u're going to buy it so .. :) ..

Cr8ivia said...

Yes there is a way :D

EniGma said...

emm, why what's ur size?

G.Q.™ said...

Every big store name is disapointing in kuwait. Not just Gap. Awal marra fe 7ayati I see people travel to go buy from a store where they already have that same store in their country. THAT's US!

Connecting from your neighbours internet line! ..thats funny and cute lol

Delicately Realistic said...

No No not too much.
Ive been reading them all....sorry not commenting bs im having blogger/pc related issues
keep posting
and ambay yal shay6aaaaaaana!!
I think he'll know if its slower or something....emmm madry.

Brava Valentia said...

you can buy a shirt from gap today and you'd still find them selling the same exact shirt (maybe with a different color)after 10 years!!

shlooon chakaitay il blog???

Flamingoliya said...

*Gap, a big big disappointment.
*go see the movie, I enjoyed it :)
*read the links about writers block, they are helpful.

feel free to comment on older posts! I check all comments :)
good to know someone's getting addicted to my blog hehe ;)
I'm still confused between mtc and wataniya :S

Flamingoliya said...

oh really?! hmm! what the hell, i will keep using it hehehehe
aham shay, can he know what i browse too? :P
btw, till the date of this post, the connection was only excellent on weekends but after this post, it's been excellent anytime the whole week! :D you think he reads me? LOL

erm, above 40 :P

you're right, even the quality is better abroad, like marks & spencer.
God bless my neighbour hehe I shouldn't get mad anymore when they park their car at my place :P now we have masla7a mushtaraka.

Flamingoliya said...

oh thanks for telling me! since comments are the only proof I'm read :P
slower if I download large files I guess, which I don't.

I love the quality of their cotton, they never wear off.

LOL, you can run, but you can't hide ;)