Monday, July 16, 2007

A Dream Come True

I'm too sleepy to read about it (Click here), and I'm not sure if it's what I think it is, but nevertheless, I like it. I have trouble getting up in the morning, and I'm always late for work.

Here are some things I wrote at different times during the past few days:

Why is my introversion perceived as being proud?

If I'm quiet or sitting alone It could mean that:
I have nothing to say, or,

I disagree but too polite to say it,


Not interested,

Have something better to do,

Can't mingle,

Not my type.

Best thing about having a meal in a restaurant with someone who isn't talkative is when you happen to sit close to a table of old Kuwaiti women gossiping; so amusing.

I want to go back to my own shell; it's much safer than the outside world


Since I'm usually the victim, and often naive, sometimes dumb and always slow, I got back at a policeman who offended me by calling me (emtan7a). Yes I yelled, swore and my body shook; thanks to PMS.

I am happy and stuck in my office the whole day, ONLY when my boss is on vacation. But when he's around, you don't find me. I can't stand him, I can't talk to him, and my stomach growls when I look at him.

Who watched Dr. Fawziya Duree last Sat.? It was hilarious and there will be a continuation next week so doesn't miss it. She interviewed the lawyer Khalid Abduljaleel.

He mentioned reasons for divorce in Kuwait. Reasons like: bad breath (a husband who never brushes his teeth), body odor (a husband who doesn't shower). His way of telling stories is funny and sarcastic, sak 3ala foziya bil kalam, he needs his own program.

ليش الحصول على فيزا هالأيام صار قمة في الإذلال


Ms.Baker said...

I like my shell too Flaming, and I try not to come out of it whenever I can - unless I am forced out. Because it sure is a scary, scary world out there indeed.

...And I just love sitting with/next to old Kuwaiti women!!! It is entertaining beyond words :)

Jewaira said...

I will be gone next Saturday. Be sure to post about it and keep us updated! Wish they were posted to youtube.

Judy Abbott said...

LOL yeah that guy was something.. i couldn't stop laughing.

Do you know,you just proved the benefits of PMSing :)

I love being with talkative people because i can stay a whole day without saying a word.

Julia said...

I hardly ever leave my shell, its my comfort zone. The rest of the world is too hard to deal with sometimes.

The policemen story was funny, more details needed please :)

I missed foziya drai3, 7asafa!

Broke said...

Flam ..

I have something 2 say abt the introversion thingy but not here .. when we meet .

and as to ur boss .. I need to hear that story !

Madri ennech met'azma menna :/

Flamingoliya said...


I will! enjoy your vacation!

do you listen to him on the radio?

yeah at least there are some benefits besides the sickness!

I don't like them that much, they make me suffocate.

but there are times when you need to take a little breath :)

I was on my way to the avenues in the weekend when it was very crowded outside, there was along line. so i came in the midst of the line trying to get in.. i was very careful and slow afraid of getting hit.
when the policeman knocked on my car yelling at me and telling me why i wasn't DRIVING and called me emtan7a.
is that the price i get for being extra careful amongst the crowd?
he even yelled "emshay emshay" as if talking to a sheep after my response to him.

shasawi feech, kila sakka 3aley bil suwalif!! ;-r