Saturday, July 21, 2007


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She's 32

He's 25



Breeze said...

Hmmmm it is, but am sorryto tell you that this is impossible to be in KUWAIT :p or maybe it's too rarley to happen ..


why do u always post topics about old women marry young guy ?:P ..

Flamingoliya said...

then let it be outside of Kuwait :P


because (read this) :P

Ansam said...

They look cute together plus she looks younger than her actual age and he looks older.. so its balanced ;-)

eshda3wa said...

they are a beautiful beautiful couple

Jewaira said...

I think it does happen in Kuwait but it is not advertised...women in general don't like to announce their age most especially if they are older than a man.

Purgatory said...

I will be 20, what do you think ;p?

Breeze said...

i read it at the same moment you posted it :P ..


but still ... --> ?? :P

seems u're on the side of girls who get married to young guys ,, aren't you ? ;) ..


whatever was the reason, i believe it could happen cuz Prophet mohammed did this so ;) fa no worries don't worry :) ..

Flamingoliya said...

she's petite.

ya rab tarzigna

yep :)

but I won't be chubby, what do you think?

i am on the side of every potentially happy marriage