Sunday, July 22, 2007


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Dr. Fawziya Duree interviewed Khalid Abduljalleel again last night. The best part of the interview was that he seemed to have never heard of masochism or sadism in spite of the fact that he knows a lot of marriage/divorce issues.

The Basboosa Story

He told a story about a lady who called herself Basboosa. She made 25 men fall head over heels for her only by telephone; no one had ever seen her in real. This Basboosa lady turned out to be a guy; an Egyptian building security guard. He always received gifts from them, some of which were daily Kunafa in which he shared with his neighbor security guards.

The Bas bosa Story

oo 3ala 6arey el basboosa, I remember when a few years ago in Mecca when I had just finished my omra rituals and on my way back to the nearby hotel, a guy with a dish of basboosa came to me saying: " BAS BOSAH" in a cheap way. I felt sick to the stomach and MAD especially that I had just finished my omra and supposed to feel good and purified.


Nomad said...

Love the retro looking phone, used to have one back in the day. The basboosa story was quite interesting, but the story ended so abruptly which was disappointing I must admit.

Jewaira said...

There has to be more to the Basbosa story than we were told... what a conman!!

Do you think he has personal experience of men being abused by women?

Shopaholic said...

lol I never watched an episode of her show yet I enjoy it very much because of your after show posts ;P

Flamingoliya said...

the way he told the story was extremely comic.

he stressed on the gifts part, so what i got from that and the comical way he told the story was that he made money the easy way. ekfaya el kunafa! :p
all those men were mad about (her) voice and he also mentioned that some of those deluded men were of high ranks in the society.

you've gotta!!! every saturday i set my reminder for the next one.

Ra-1 said...

Tawnee astaw3eb bas-bosa! LOL

Flamingoliya said...

Ra-1 :-p