Thursday, July 05, 2007

It Felt Different

It felt different
Her bedroom was locked
I knew I wouldn't find her
But I had to prove it to myself
I had to go and check
I used her bathroom
I prayed in her room
Some stuff were packed
Her wheel chair was standing in the middle of the room
I touched it, felt the rubber handles
A paper with large writing was hung on the cupboard with the number of prayers as a reminder
I looked at the color of the rug as I sat of the floor after my prayers, the wooden cupboard infront of me, and the flowery curtains to my right;
"She had good taste" I thought
She loved flowery patterns whether on her dress, curtain, or couch
It felt strange
Being in her place, amongst her belongings
With her smell in the air
Without her being there

"A beatiful face without a name for so long.
A beatiful smile to hide the pain.
Did you ever know you're my hero,
and everythin I would like to be?"

(Bette Midler)


EniGma said...

That's so sad.. Dunno what to say to that really.. Sorry for your loss

Jewaira said...

words full of meaning and memories.

Judy Abbott said...

allah yer7amha...

may her soul always fulfill your heart and give you the strength.

Broke said...

Very moving Flam ..

U expressed it very well ..

Thank God that her smell is still in the air ..

كلماتج أثارت شجوني

Ra-1 said...


Breeze said...

u're words reminds me about my grandmother allah yer7amha .. :(

as if u're describing her room :'( !!

allah yer7am jamee3 mawta el moslemeen

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you all and amen to your prayers.