Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dr. Hiffff

I like this building at the freezone area


أنا: دكتور اليوم فيني ..... فكنت غايبه
الدكتور: الله يعطيك العافية
أنا بتعجب: الله يعافيك

الدكتور: شالمطلوب؟

أنا: مرضية

الدكتور: هففففففففففففففففف


وايد أفكار وكلمات يات في بالي ماراح أكتبها لأنكم راح تكرهوني

الدكتور: هففففففف


الدكتور عطاني الورقة

أنا: شكرا



Today at 8 pm I read shopa's post about a play and decided to go. I knew I'd be late, and I also knew that in Kuwait, no one's precise in time. So at 9 sharp I was at the door and was surprised that the play was over! I only got to see the applause in the end and by that only, I was amazed. It seemed to be like a nice play; the music and the dancing. I didn't know we had such young talents. Worst thing was that the place was loaded with people and hot as hell.

As I left the building, I was feeling disappointed that I missed it, guilty for canceling my plan with my friend, and old cos (mani gayla).


I love my nephew more than his brother, because he looks like me. It makes me feel guilty.


Carfor is huge, made me feel dizzy. You need to wear sports shoes when you go there.


EniGma said...

don't feel guilty abt ur nephew hehe :P

I wanted to check out the play cuz i love mythology but i didn't cuz kan maly khelg dunno how it was

Eva said...

there is another show today if u still want to see it : )

i guess it will be more za7ma ! i know soo many whose planning to go elyom

Nachla said...

u need sport shoe for avenues it self

Breeze said...

BTW: why most of the doctors are the same .. akhaf bas en6ir menhum ??? or el 6ebeya betkhaserhum eflooos ?????!?

Hate them !? and i hate their stares whenever i asked for 6ebeya :@ .. !!!

Broke said...

Never feel guilty when canceling a plan with that freind :P

She's very understanding ;)


As to ur nephew .. I think it's normal .. bas aham shay enna u don't show that to them or their mother .


I hate shopping in any huge place !

و بعدين ما أحب أطلع من محل أو مجمع و انا مو شايفة كل اللي فيه بسبب التعب

It makes me nervous !

Shopaholic said...

sorry you missed it, I should've added "THEY ARE ALWAYS ON TIME"
not always, but most of the time.

Flamingoliya said...

they say it's nice!

I couldn't go. Please let me know if they are planning to show it again.


na7asa oo la3ana. They seem to enjoy it.

ok :*

it shows, it shows. But what's wrong with showing it to their mother? 3adi! :P

yes you should've! :P and you should've ba3ad posted about it much earlier.