Sunday, April 24, 2005


Dear blog,

Just when I thought had a perfect vacation
Just when I went to funeral that broke my heart
Just when I read the paper for a more heart breaking story
I always hated the paper for it's depressing politics, now I'm hating it more for the daily even more depressing murders and accidents
Don't tell me I'm illiterate, don't tell me I'm not educated, If it's the newspaper you judge me by
I hate you and I hate what you read
Let me live in my world
Let me be inside my shelter

Just when I munched two packs of chips
Just when I drank my chocolate milk
Just when I occupied myself with my hobby
Just when I had a feast for dinner to forget about today's miseries
Just when I felt like I missed you
Just when I thought that we need to see eachother after my long withdrawal from you
Just when I decided to go out for lunch with you

Just when I called and you didn't reply
Just when I thought you were sleeping early so I smsed you
Just when I found no immediate reply
Just when I was feeling thrilled that tomorrow I'm going to work
Just when I felt thrilled for the first time in so long
Thrilled that it's finally time for my course to begin
The course I've been waiting long for
I went to bed early
I was so excited that that I've finally become a good girl and went to bed early

Just when I fell asleep
You called
The ringing tone was turned high so that I wouldn't miss my morning class
You interrupted my sleep
You interrupted my night, my tomorrow, my class, my supposed lunch

You sent a msg that I didn't reply to cos I was sound asleep
Two hours later you called thinking I was awake and ignored your msg
How would I ignore your msg when I was the one who suggested the lunch
I called back to cancel I could sleep no more
Anger was killing me
The huge feast was burning my stomach
You were polite and apologetic and so I had to become one
I wish I shouted
I wish I expressed my anger more
But as usual, it's always misunderstanding between me and you
No more breaks from you
No more dates with you
All I have to do now is fake and imagine we canceled the lunch out to be able to sleep again

Why when I thought I had the perfect day
Why when I thought I had the perfect night sleep
You come and ruin everything, just so bluntly and naievely
No more you..... Yes more blogy blog.


Flamingoliya said...

i couldn't sleep. i hardly wokeup. the alarm rang for 45 mins. ran to work and arrived at the last minute. smsed my friend and canceled lunch. RAVENGE RAVENGE REVANGE. NOBODY MESSES WITH MY NIGHT SLEEP.

Broke said...

I felt it when I saw u online last night .. .. .. Ok ..I'll send u a special post
غير قابل للنشر

Just to refesh ur mood

The Don ® said...

I hate it when people think they are smart in knowing what other people are thinking.. in other words some people can not live without drama.. yu3nee sh9aar ballah if you didn’t reply?? Khalaa9 let her sleep and she’ll call you when ever she can.. lazim el aflaam yu3nee ?? you are awake and didn’t answer my phone ? why the drama ?? sorry bus ana ingahart too 9ara7ah.. :(

The Don ® said...

I hate playing mind games

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe shay6ana.. i knew you'd know :P
your special post is raw3a! i liked it.
*whisper* i wish for the same, but tried one only ;)

The Don
ee walla i wish they'd understand! what made it worse is that the reason for her calling me in the middle of the night was to ask about which restaurant i was planning for! what difference would it make as long as it would be one of our few faves!
moreover, she didn't reply to my cancelation msg this morning! now look who ignored the other this time. so i called her to make sure she got the msg to make a point that i think she didn't get.

Broke said...


I know which one in particular without asking u abt it ;)

Jandeef said...

I no longer leave the ringer high when i'm asleep. My sleep would be interrupted and I'd be talking half asleep anyway.

And yea the news is depressing from every aspect these days.

Nice post :)

Flamingoliya said...

good for you! i should do that too.

news are getting worse yeah :/

thank you, glad you like it :)

Jewaira said...

Such a great post- sometimes the best comes out when you're angry ;)
Hope everything is better now :)

Flamingoliya said...

you are right! maybe because of increased adrenaline? it's just like what happens to me under time pressure.
thank you, yes i'm feeling much better :)