Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No More Eating in the Office

Just this morning an English client whom I adore bumped in to my friend’s office where I was hiding. I was so indulged in eating my (chay na3na3 saj) sandwich and didn’t notice him coming. As usual I had to tell him that my friend was absent with a mouthful.

He nodded, tapped on my shoulder, hummed a few words, and left. So embarrassing (Fashlaaa)!

And just now, my colleague (No.1) appeared out of no where when I just had my first sip of Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee drinkers will know what I mean! Regardless, I had to grin at him cos it’s been ages since I last saw him.
No more eating in the office. NO MORE!

Hey boss! I need a locked door please! As If I had walls to begin with!

eh, doh, how can I help you?

6abakh update: he showed me his daughter’s picture. She looked very nice and elegant! Even her room looked rich and neat! I wonder how and where he got the money from and how come he’s working as a servant here! Her dress was beautiful and very similar to my red wedding dress. She wore lots of gold too just like a traditional Kuwaiti bride. Ok this time I really wanted my own copy of the picture.

*whisper* as he was taking the picture out of his pocket, I was anticipating the picture of you know who ;P


Armani.Lab said...

3aleeech bel3afya..=D

u were anticipating the pic of his son ha? yal shy6ana ;)

W. said...


Jelly Belly said...

lil7een ma 7adadataw meta al3ers...give me an advance notice so I can book my ticket :P

and shino 9aj bel ne3na3? awal mara yemor 3alay? explain more please...I know 9aj is a bread and I know ne3na3 bas is it 9aj o ne3na3 o cheese?
ok now I'm hungry :P

Flamingoliya said...

allah ye3afeech :9
*innocent* :P

click on "my red wedding dress" and you'll know who :)

LOL shasawi feeh shakla hawwan since his father only showed me his daughter's pic this time :P

i was referring to "chay wo na3na3" restaurant which is very close to gasir al seef :) where i order their delicious cheese saj. adizlich bil bareed? i'll try to take it's photo next time and post it.

Broke said...


Eating in office .. I know this feeling very well .. 7addah fashlah ! But sometimes when you become starving .. khala9 .. tabeen ay shay ysed el yo3 3ala esaree3 !

wallah intay 6emasha weyya kha6eebech .. allah ytamem 3alikum ;)

Shurouq said...

Ahem.. That's what I had for breakfast on Wednesday!
A halloum saj and a strawberry shake from Chai w Na3na3

Purgatory said...

besech akel

Hopeless Poet said...

We eat in the office and it is all fine! Next time if anybody came while you eating just say: etfa`9al ;)

Flamingoliya said...

e walla fashlah. people should learn to back off when they see you chewing! especially when you just had a bite; a big bite :p

la khalas i'm having second thoughts. ta3awwadt 3al 3zoobiyya :P

what a coincidence! :) Halloum is what i usually order but last time i tried qashqawan which i didn't like very much. try mortadella with cheese yummy too but makes you feel sleepy afterwards.

killa minnik! madri min galli enna chubby is better.

it is fine around colleagues but not around clients! i can't say etfathal, i want to eat it all. all.. it's all mine and i don't like sharing :P

Ra-1 said...

eating in office ...
same problem here :)

Flamingoliya said...

system must be changed. no one should be allowed in the office with an empty stomach, eshrayich?
ya3ni no more working early in the morning.

Peach said...

ahaaa haaa priceless! Poor You ;) Yalla mekhalif tikbireen o takleen gherha as my mom always tells me lol

Flamingoliya said...

peach.. hehe,, mabi aakil ghairha! :P