Friday, April 08, 2005

Um Al Dawahi

أم الدواهي

كيف بنظرة وبلون هالتي حللتني وعرفت تفاصيل حياتي ونفسيتي بوقت وجيز وبين العشرات من الناس
تلك المرأة التي ذكرتني بمدرسة الموسيقى بالثانوية ورائحة الطبخ التي تفوح منها

أهي طاقة كما يطلقون عليها أم سحر مبين
أهي شعوذة، هل عاونها رفيقي الجني
أهي موهبة أم مجرد تلفيق كحال الأبراج الهوائية

لم يكن انذار أو علاج منك يا عزيزتي
بل كان ذهول نتج عنه نفور
كان جرح أسلتي دمه بعد التآم استغرق سنون

من أنت وما أنت
إنسية أنت أم جنية
ليتني لم أقابلك

رسالة اليك يا أم الدواهي
لم تكن لدي حيلة فيما قدره الله لي
ولكن الآن لي يد بما أختار وكيف أعيش

تمنيت في طفولتي وحتى فترة ليست ببعيدة أن تكون لدي كريستاله كالتي تمتلكها أم الدواهي
وكنت أحلم أن أقول
أنا أم الدواهي في الخير تلقاني وفي الشر مابتعرفش مكاني


Bloo said...

am i the only one who cant read the script in this post..

mydream said...

me 2 vintage ,, shakelha betsawelina se7er :s

Ms.Baker said...

Flaming, is this a puzzle? Do we need special glasses?

Purgatory said...

didn't I show you how to post pictures directly! sh7qa kel hal 3afsa! now all we see are characters, never copy and paste characteres from word to here, it is a mess :P

EsTeKaNa said...

asLam 3Laikm
anty mn wain m6l3a um aL_Dawahi:D?
etha 79alty alkristala tell me :)

Flamingoliya said...

Vintage, Mydream, MsBaker, & Purg
I posted in arabic from flickr and this is what happened. blogspot wasn't working for me on the weekend not ever for commenting and I'm surprised that it was working for you all!

LOL that's how it looked especially with the crystal pic. wish i can though :P

MsBaker LOL :P

I still can't post a linked pic the way you told me. the 6alasim you gave me didn't work.

wa3alaikom el salam, welcome dear..
the lady i talked about reminded me of her :) Um Aldawahi was a major part in my childhood and i can't forget her :)
about the crystal, i have a crystal ball with tiny english police men with snow falling over them :P how about that?

Purgatory said...

That is why I offer on demand and pay per view lessons :P

Broke said...

Flamy ..

where did u find that women ..3afya delleny 3alaiha !

Amazing post !

Flamingoliya said...

view what? :P I already paid um aldawahi. wait till next month.

ma3araftich! :/ I will email it to you but please don't tell her about this post :P

Broke said...

Thanks .. Enzain .. Drop me a visit with a short comment .. shda3wah ma nestahel ;)

Flamingoliya said...

I will. every since I posted about me not having work, I've been loaded! 3ain masallat 3al nibey! :P

I already took a look, will need time to read and comment :)
but I miss the old one :/

Broke said...

Flamy .. ba3ad 3omre wallah .. You did .. thalamtech !

Any way , regarding overloaded .. sa7 3ain .. yalla bas intay gadha wegdood .. allah ya36eech el3afyah .

I'm missing it too .. la tyeboon le 6areya tra abchy :(

Flamingoliya said...

bloger wayid ekharrif hal ayyam! and the comments thing takes ages. is it just me or what?

allah ye3afeech :)

ok mara7 ayeeb el 6arey :X only after I know the reasons :P

Bloo said...

me too i had trouble over weekend...

ma3 inna i promised my self id be more blogger-ated during weekend.. blogspot failed me..

so check ur email.. let me know if i stand a chance of it being ur next post :D

and as for the crystal ball... yippeee.e... if u do get it , wohuuuu if u dont. . u got us all to make portions for ya:D

Flamingoliya said...

glad it wasn't just me!
yes weekend is the best time to blog when there's no work.
I checked your email and I will reply back tomorrow.
I wish I had one
البلورة السحرية كما تسميها أم الدواهي
but a real one I want! where I can see you blogging behind your boss' back :P

Broke said...

Flamy .. You are right .. yan o ga3ed .. specially with the comments .. ya3ni mo bas intay .. don't worry

Regarding the reasons .. intay efthay awal o ba3adin y9eer khair ;)

Flamingoliya said...

I'm always free for secrets! hehehe

Broke said...

Yumma Mennech @@

Flamingoliya said...

Broken *wicked smile*

Broke said...

Someone told me that she'll send me the address or number of Om edawahi ..? when is that inshallah ..!

I'm waiting tra !

Flamingoliya said...

I will I will inshalla, just check your email soon.

ray said...

flamin... my dear

it not "si7r" it's just "6aqa"

Flamingoliya said...

i am surprised how they can tell the present and the past just like a fortune teller! this is making me suspicious!