Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cyber Condolences

There was bad news from flickr buddies this week. A fellow flickrite passed away. Though I haven't known her before nor visited her photo stream but the news really made me sad. I wonder how it would feel if she was one of the people I knew cyberly. It's amazing how one gets attached through cyber space. It's a community indeed.

Right after I read the news, I immediately thought of myself when my day comes. So I already made my will. I asked my sister to post about me.

So since this blog is my only possession, I suggest to anyone who's interested in publishing it (yeah right) to donate the profit for charity.

About the picture, it’s a House Fly starting to blow a bubble. Click on it to read more. Uploaded by Lord V.


Flamingoliya said...

She definitely needs waxing.

Jewaira said...

Who died on Flickr???

Flamingoliya said...

Hi Jewaira
this is the website with info about her:

and this is flickr news:

3baid said...

ba3ad 3omur 6oweel

Flamingoliya said...

tislam 3baid :)