Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Day in Nature


Picture taken by Flamingoliya at dawn

I’m sick. I have a runny nose and my throat is sore all because I spent last night in the balcony over the beach. The air was cool I loved it. Winter is coming yaay. I was alone, so I had my laptop with me. I blogged a little then tried to compose a poem, but I couldn’t. I thought I’d be inspired by the lovely view and weather. But it seems that inspiration comes by itself. Girls in their early 20s were sitting on my right side (whom I tried to mingle with but felt too old for them) and two guys on my left side smoking a cigarette and watching the sea. I really needed company and felt miserably single.

I always wanted to sleep in open air. Like on the roof or on the grass but of course it never happened. I envy my parents for doing so in the old days. That was their natural AC. So since the sea breeze was cool. I decided to achieve my wish the modern way. I brought my pillow and my cover, opened the two windows over looking the sea and shut down the AC. That was it, cool air, and the sound of the waves. Wow it was something, but I didn’t feel it much because it was too late and I was so tired that I fell asleep within a few seconds. I wanted to wake up and watch the sun rise. I had my camera prepared. But I couldn’t wake up until the house keeper came at 5.30 to prepare break fast. Good thing I didn’t yell at her. Who would have breakfast this early? So anyway, I took my cam and went to the balcony. The view was indescribable. One should get in touch with nature now and then. Our life in Kuwait is mostly indoors we don’t get to see nature. The waves were calm. It looked so alluring that I wanted to go for a dip but the weather was so cool that I was sure the water would be too cold to swim in besides being scared of mornings; what if a cat or a dog came and wanted to eat me. No one would help as the world was sleeping. Only one was awake, the crab (shiryib) I loved the way it was walking along the shore. It walked from side to side taking a dip and then when the wave comes it escapes to the sand and the whole thing happens all over again. It looked cute and for a moment I wanted to be a crab. I took some pictures then headed to bed; my real bed in my bed room. I woke up at 11 am with a soar throat. Bismillah, it’s just the beginning of autumn and I’m already sick.

In the afternoon I took a dip. It was my first one since my Tom Cruise one. But this time there were Kuwaiti cruises ;p or in other words, Kuwaiti engaged cruises so there was no use but to just show off by learning to swim. My dad keeps laughing at the way I swim. He doesn’t want me to bathe all day like a duck. Swim my baby swim. My little nephew covered me with sand. He was naughty his mom didn’t teach him not to throw aunty flam with sand balls (kubba as he called them). I then jumped in the trampoline which was screaming for mercy but I paid no attention and continued on exercising to let my beautiful bikini under my sexy tent dry out.
5 pieces of chocolate cake, half bottle of Pringles, one 7up and one cocktail and I happily regained the calories I lost today.

Disclaimer: This post needs editing and spell checking or even deletion of unsolicited info.


Salted-Caramel said...

I love this post. It brings back memories. I miss the sea..

..I miss a lot of things.

Baroque said...

i like that,, u just took me with u in your outing.. i was there with u through this post.. i've never been on the beach at dawn.. was it scary? i should try it someday.. but alas, i need to take someone special, cuz it sounds romantic..

shosho said...

matshoofeen shar dearest and get well soon :)

Salted-Caramel said...

Can't sleep.

Dyxio said...

Salamat =) Sounds like you had fun, my dad always talks about how they used to sleep outside whenever they wanted, not a care in the world. Its true how the sunrise is beautiful, sometimes when I pull all-nighters to study or just to talk to friends (not keeping track of time) I go up to the roof of our house and watch the sunrise, its really amazing. Its 4:38 am right now so I might go up in an hour and a half.

Jewaira said...

Me too Flamingoliya, I would love to sleep on the roof at home or on the 3erzalah at the beach but it is yet a dream unrealized.
We are sick of A/C air.

Hope you feel better - drink lots of hot lemon and honey, ya honey :)

3baid said...

Can't you show us some pictures? :)

Armani.Lab said...

salmaat...gargle with salt & warm water for ur throat every nite it really helps..

Spontaneousnessity said...

oh gosh I know how you feel =| I just got over that myself, get well soon babe =|

and about sleeping in open spaces? I LOVE THAT TOO! actually I made somefriends back in the days to do that with me, it's such a special feeling =~}

A3sab said...

I tried the sleeping outside but not in Kuwait. It was during my college years with friends. We woke up at five am. by noisy honking on the horns along with the ringing of church bells. Never did that again.But it would be nice to do it on the beach.

Broke said...

I enjoyed reading ur words ..

Being in touch with nature .. A7la shay ..

I tried sleeping on the beach abt 8 yrs ago .. with the company of my family .. Try it out one day .. U will love it .


Ms.Baker said...

Ah, Flaming... sleeping at the beach, listening to the waves as I drift off to sleep is a favorite of mine, one I have done often on the shores of the cool waters of the Atlantic ocean. Nothing like it for making one sleep like a baby.
The cold? Salamaat. I just got over the same one. Trust me, it will go away inshallah in 3 days. Just keep warm, have some "Nice" throat lozenges around, drink fluids, and keep a box of kleenex handy.

And 3alaych bil 3aafeeyah with your little calorie feast ;)!

MsB ( who also wears a tent and leggings over her low-back low-cut, black, expensive swimsuits when she swims at the beach ;) )

Papillona ® said...

For Love And More

matshofein shur sweets

samboose said...

Salamaaaaaaat!!! I really hope you feel better. Stay warm and take a lot of vitamin C.

It sounds like a wonderful relaxation time. I need that!!! 7ada wanasa!!!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Loved what you wrote..that sounded like sooo much fun...wish I was there too...I love the sea especially at favourite!...Salamat Flam teshofeen sharr!..hang in there...drink lots of warm liquids...and take care...

Jewaira said...

Get well soon :)

PeTiTa said...

Allaaa shawagteni..that was beautiful..I love the sea..I want to sleep outside too, especially on the sea, so calm and peaceful..beautiful post, show us pictures : )

kuwaitigirl said...

ma tshoofeen shar...take some vitamin C..i think its just the sea!

Papillona ® said...

seriously girl! where are you?

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you all for wishing me well, it was a BAD flue! 8~|

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you. just get back home and rejoice with all the things you miss :)

glad you enjoyed the post :) although it was peaceful and quite but I felt a bit scared since I was alone and worried that if some animals might come out of no where. and yes, it's extremely romantic!

eshar mayeech & thank you :)

Allah esalmich :) I might try sleeping on the roof! or at least watch the sunrise but I'm not sure if it would be clear because of the surrounding houses. it's good that you keep doing so :)

Jewaira honey :) hehe
you just gave me an idea, why not try to sleep in the balcony or 3irzala? lets all do it this weekend (and tell us your experience)
you know who just made me hot lemon? 6abakh! he felt sorry for me and made it himself. what a sweet man.

I just added the pic, check it out :)

allah esalmich and thanks :)

thank you :) it is special I can imagine :)

you did it in the city, no wonder :) it's calm on the beach and you can feel the sea breeze it's wonderful.

Flamingoliya said...

glad you enjoyed the post :)
I'll try the balcony next time hopefully, but not without my pajamas! I don't wanna get a flue again!

your comment sounded very poetic :) allah esalmich dear oo allah e3afeech hehehe :) I needed lots of suger to get rid of the salty water I drank while swimming like ugly duckling :P
we don't wanna show off our expensive beautiful swimsuits do we? that's why we wear tents over them. no one is supposed to enjoy them except us ;p

eshar mayeech :*

alah esalmich :) do that! it was fun :)

thank you! weshar mayeech dear. try to do that or at least watch the sunset :)

glad you liked it, thanks :) check the pic I just posted it.

eshar mayeech.. and the sea loves you back :)

Peach said...

Salamat dear ma tshoofen shar ;)
That was a beautiful post! I really did feel all there with you! sigh- I miss the sea!

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you Peach :) & Allah esalmich.

Badoor said...

allow me to express deep admiration for the picture first of all, salamat hope ur feeling better all ready

Flamingoliya said...

Badoor, Allah esalmik.. glad you like the pic! :)