Monday, September 19, 2005

Damsel Flies

How do you perceive this picture?
1. Romantic 2. Erotic 3. Animalistic 4. Insect-sual 5. A piece of art

6. I only see a heart shaped object 7. If I were the female, I would object

8. I cannot stop thinking of the lad’s back ache he’s going to have

9. I love the blue shade 10. I wish I were a Damsel fly

Or your own comment!


3baid said...

I see insects trying to reproduce to take over the world! Quick! Use your slipper! @_@

Flamingoliya said...

hehehhe stop watching fiction :P

Broke said...

No.5 ..

Plus ..

I like its colors .. ye9la7 night dress .. :P

q80_demon said...

Gotta renew my satellite subscription or I’ll miss the Discovery channel!

Nice picture BTW

Hopeless Poet said...

I didn't notice the flies until I read the post! I was looking at the leaf :P

11. The leaf seems happy :P

Flamingoliya said...

it does! :) I love that blue shade.

hehehe hurry up!
I like the pic too, click on it to view the photographer's lovely photo stream.


shosho said...

The first thought I had was telepathy, mardree laish :S

Temetwir said...

11. i cant believe someone would percieve it as one of the above

Ms.Baker said...

I see it as no. 4 and hmm..
Maybe No. looks kinda complicated...

But oooh! That gorgeous shade of blue!


Jewaira said...

Hmm insectsual sounds more like it

Misguided said...

Dear Flam,

Sorry... I do not mean to be rude.. but...

Which ones the male?

Cuz if its the dude behind.. well it looks like the female is asking him to kiss her butt.

I dunno.. It look like "Kiss My Ass Mister!! " to me


samboose said...

I think it's an amazing realization of natures beauty.

When I saw it I was thinking "Subhan Alla 3ala al-jamal, Mashalla"

How they look like they're joined together, the color, the shape of the heart.... "Sub7an al Khaliq"

Flamingoliya said...

hmm good one! very deep.

they did :P

they look like acrobats!

that's my fave :)

Dear Misguided
ROFL! why not it could be.

sij sub7an Allah! :)

Sty said...

That blue is amazing :P

Flamingoliya said...

it is, Sty :)

Deema said...

No.4 :)