Monday, September 05, 2005

End Your Pain

Brooke Shields’ book Down Came the Rain about her Postpartum Depression and her interview with Oprah impressed me. I admire people who speak out their sufferings in order to guide and educate people. I am sure that there are women who suffer from this besides many other psychological problems but keep suffering their whole lives.

In our society it is considered a taboo to look for help, many such feelings are regarded as normal. It is not normal when a woman endures pain while help is just around the corner.

Till when shall we keep on under estimating negative feelings or behaviors. Till when shall people play shrinks and diagnose psycological illness' by themselves.

On another note, many US celebrities end up publishing. How come our writers here are of a limited number. Even newspaper writers rarely produce books. And those who don't, their work gets published after they die!

A note to my friends... I will not thread my eyebrows as long as beautiful Brooke doesn't. Frida forever.


Hopeless Poet said...

You won't thread them?? Good I guess! I don't like the thin eyebrows like they were drawn by a pencil! :P

As for the book writers, I think the reason is that they know there is no big interest in reading local books compared to the interest in reading what comes to us from outside! Beside as you said, many subjects are taboo even when it comes to writing a book. Another point, they are not so creative or original and only few are like that.

Shurouq said...

They have to read first to be able to write, no?

(btw, I looked and looked for that picture but couldn't find it. I think I know you though) :)

samboose said...

I saw the interview with Brooke. i was so im[pressed at how humble she was. I think it took a lot of guts for her to go public about her depression.

i would have to agree with Hopless Poet on the fact that people here are not creative in writing. It's one of three subjects poetry (shi3er), politics and religion.

Broke said...

Very nice post ... You talked abt 2 different issues at the same time ..

1- People in our society even If they dare and ask for help , they do it secretly .. I'm sure that u know u know why !

2- There are no such books .. simply because there are no readers .

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Loved what you wrote...I watched it too and was really impressed...if only we could be as honest as she was to talk about feelings and emotions...yes...they can write poetry but rarely do they talk about the open truth! As for books...I think it's 'coz they're lazy and articles in newspapers are much faster for them!!! Plus publishing houses here don't make it easy..they want the writer to pay for it!

Armani.Lab said...

Hahahah @ Frida supporting u in that..

talking about brooke's interview with oprah..she spoked about it before but nt that detailed in the INSIDER..which was really brave of her..& am sure was so reliefing & benificial for other moms who suffered or might suffer from the mom suffered with it after having our first baby boy but she kept quite all these 20 yrs..& when I told her about brooke she said (I suffered from the same)..I strongly believe that we have to be more considerate in such situtations..I mean after 9 months of carrying a baby..does mothers deserve such depression without giving her that attention to relief it…I hope our writers will stop talking about the damn stock market & value their gift in writing for a better life !

Flamingoliya said...

you have an original taste.
good points, I agree.

so your memory isn't that bad after all ;p but 7asafa, I was looking forward to seeing the pic.

beautiful, slim and humble! the best combination.
and yes, most arabic books are in those areas! same repeated books in the yearly book expo in Mishref.

1. I don't know when it's time for them to change their mentality.
2. maybe there are no readers because there are no impressing books.

thank you :) people here not only think talking openly about negative feelings is a taboo, but also for the positive ones. they may be shy in expressing emotions.
is publishing outside the other way round? the writer doesn't pay?!

I'm sorry your mom went through that for that long :( women should blame their hormones for that to stop feeling guilty.
too bad so many gifts are ignored, so many intelligent people are wasting their intelligence on useless stuff.

Jewaira said...

Post-partum depression a good topic to discuss.
About creativity:
Writers distribute their books for free here to friends and relatives. Unfortunately.

Ms.Baker said...

Well, I can honestly say I have something in common with a celebrity. Brooke and I share the same eyebrows. I used to always get this comment as a teen. I have always refused to do my brows up until about recently, and they are still pretty thick. I hate the thin, dramatically arched and clownish brows Kuwaiti girls find so fashionable. It looks stupid ( no offense to anyone intended)!
And OMG OMG OMG! How can anyone stand threading, it's just too painful, I will never ever do it again.


A3sab said...

Flam, 7asafah i missed it I only saw the last minute of the interview:-(
But why do u think Brooke Shields doesnt pluck her brows I doubt that they grow so perfectly like that

Flamingoliya said...

yeah I've noticed that! :/

same here!

check her website maybe you can find it there.
I don't know maybe she does but compared to how girls pluck here, it's nothing. it's like what they call in the salon: cleaning :)