Thursday, September 08, 2005

Which Anti-Virus?

I don't know what anti-virus to choose..
Norton or Mcafee?

I tried both but the current one is Mcafee and I have to renew the subscription but before I do, I want to know whether I should stick to it or go back to Norton.

Advice anyone?


Hopeless Poet said...

I like Norton because I understand it more and it has the live update thing when I prefer over the way Mcafee updates!

Reema said...

Definitely Norton, i tried Mcafee and it sucked!

Purgatory said...

neither, I used e-trust anti-virus for 5 years now, works very well.

3baid said...

McAfee doesn't consume a lot of resources like Norton.

Good thing I'm using a mac, I don't have to worry about updates or any of that. :P

don_veto said...

At work we use Norton. On my personal laptop I got McAfee installed. I like McAfee better, the interface is nicer and the full scans are faster.

In effectiveness they are probably the same.

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you all for the tips!!

yes mcafee makes me reboot for the new definitions to take effect!

I will bear that in mind thanks :)

I will look it up, never tried it.

"McAfee doesn't consume a lot of resources like Norton" is that a good or a bad thing? :/
I'm a mac-illiterate. How come you don't get viruses there? :p

I've noticed the faster scan, yes! thank you for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

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