Tuesday, January 18, 2005

1000 Counter Hits

Celebrating 1000 counter hits, though I'm sure most of them were my own. The interesting part is that I was the 1000 visitor on the counter. It was nice seeing the 1000 with my own eyes. One month and 13 days passed since I started this blog. A big thank you for all my dear blogger friends.

I would like to add "
Eid mubarak" to you all.
I pray Allah ya7fih el Kuwait from terrorists, and blog addiction.
I pray I can find a new outfit for Eid.
I wanted to go to marina mall this afternoon but I got a message saying that a map for bombing the mall was stolen. So I stayed home like a chicken. Maybe I'd go to Kuwait city make my way through the traffic jam hoping to find an outfit. Or just stay home and wear whatever is there in the cupboard, after all, my old grandma compliments everything I wear even if they were worn out.

Enjoy your holiday people.


Jewaira said...

Eidich Mubarak
Oh no! last minute shopping just like me {sigh} and traffic jams from hell
and to top it all worrying about bomb threats
And crazy happenings
Hmmm, I shall also join in your prayer to protect our country.
And, congratulations on reaching the 1000. 3oqbal many more :)

Flamingoliya said...

ayyamich sa3eeda dear Juwaira :)

the problem is that traffic jam increased not only for Eid but also for Hala Febuary. i think it usually starts after Eid! i went shopping twice the last two days and it was just like the morning jam.
the threats happenings are like a nightmare to me, reminds me of the invasion days. one can't believe this is actually happening.

thank you :) your phrase made me feel like i'm a 1000 year old :p hehe

minime said...
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minime said...

Happiest of eids to you too dear flamingoliya,
Awal shay abee a3ref wayn hal counter? ma ashoofah on your site!
Secondly, I think you owe your 999 visitors (you being the 1000) more details on your profile page law sama7tay.
I mean if on your posts page one clicks (view my complete profile) one would only get the standard start page with only (Flamingoliya) written... ya3nee.. Age, music, interests.. showayat tafa9eel please :-)

Thalithan.. Allah yesalmich wo ye6awel 3omrech wa ye7fethech min el yanaanwah now that you guys have met, I hope you don't let these bunch of long bearded, short dishdasha crap pots ye5awfoonich min el 6al3ah.
La'a please do go out & 7u6ay 9ob3ich fi 3eynhom. Now that they've revealed their true substance. Coward klaab.

Ama ba3d,
fa address of the house in shuwaikh I can't give you unfortunately ya ma7foothat el salamah because that group of buildings have been raised to ground. It was within the ministry of education compound, its just that some friends spoke way too seriously about that spot being haunted so I thought of acha3emhom & it turned out load of nonsense anyway.
I honestly don't believe that stuff, because I think most of it is generated by our own imagination. For example this fear people have of cemeteries at night..lol..yoam kanaw a7ya'a ma7ad ye5af menhom, bass yemootoon, yegoomoon ye5ar3oon?..lol.

btw, tara ana ga3ed agreg because you said you that reading comments amuses you, & so if you are not going out as well, I thought my nattering might be welcome.
La Wallah, to tell you the truth 3endee few things to do & I am just starting this nasty cold, I felt it this afternoon & its getting worse now :-(
Wo ba3ad I want to update my post. Roo7ay there ba3dane & I promise you'll find what will amuse and amaze
you :-).

Seeing details of films is very true. When I watched Jurassic park II, my first impression was: how the hell does Spielberg get away with it?
Shiftay all the awful intense blue lights when the 2 dinosaurs were attacking the jeep near the cliff? yukh.
Will catch you later friend. I am off to my site now to update :-)

Blog you ( ya3nee ashoofich) 3ala khair.
Blushing tarachy

Shaymz said...

i thought hala febrayir was cancelled in respect to the victims of the tsunami! rumor maybe, hmm. and i miss 3eed in q8! i just wish someone would send me my 3eediya through mail or just transfer the money to my bank account (hint, hint)! ;(( its my fourth 3eed away from home.. imagine all the money lost! ;P

Flamingoliya said...

Brachy the blushing tarachy,
you can find the counter in the middle of the bottom brown border. the font is black and small (3ashan ma77ad ya7sidni 3ala my hits):P

about the profile, well.. i have my email recently added there, while it wasn't when i first started. kil marrah a7i6likom shay to keep you coming back for more, a7san :p

7asafa 3ala bait el Shuwaikh, i hope you got some pics there!
oo regarding Jin and cemetries, you need a long bearded, short dishdasha lecture from me :p

yes your "nattering" is welcome. oo salamat matshoof shar the weather is nice bas emarrith hal yomain. i have a slight cold too, wel baraka eb Panadol oo Vitamin C.

i didn't like Jurassic Park part1 to see part2. bas na6 oo tikhirri3. good luck on your new blog.
blog you there :)

it isn't. they didn't care about what's going on from terrorists, so i don't think they would care about what happened in another continent.
i didn't know you weren't here. where are you now?
someone should collect your 3eediyya and send it to you there. that's not fair. give me your email account, i can photo my eidiyya and send you a picture :P

minime said...

wanich fee el7een?

Happy eid :-)

minime said...

by the way,
"waynich fee el7een" was asking shaymz, because she said she is in some other country.
I think tonight Blogger.com ga3ed yekharrif min el3eyar el thegeel :-(

Flamingoliya said...

I know, brachy :)

W. said...

كل عام وانتي بخير وعافيه وعساك من عواده :)

oh congtratulations on the 1000 count thing, hey, you should give the person who posted the 1000 post a prize!

(abe abeee!!)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ongrats dear :} may ur counter reach to 10000000 :>

& ayamch s3eeda

Shaymz said...

am in Europe now. by the way.. do you think drinking tap water in Europe is healthy? Brachypelma.. thanx and happy 3eed to u too :) And Flam.. thanx for your offer, but I don’t think I would wanna see your 3eediya when I don’t have my own to comapare! :P but if you were gonna send it to me as if it was a 3eediya from you to me.. that’s soo sweet of you! thanx sis! ;)

Flamingoliya said...

Tislimeen 7abeebti :)
And about the price, don't be hasty, your makeup kit shipment will be at your door step soon, attached with an original copy of "The Exorcist" ;)

Q80-Chill Girl,
thank you dear :) and welcome to aboard :)

Yes it's my eidiya for you. I know I sound stingy, bas shasawwi, I have a lot of things on my mind to buy :p
Drinking tap water depends on the country and area you're at. But I recommend drinking bottled water. I only drink tap water when I'm out of bottles.

Flamingoliya said...

oops, welcome aboard that is.

W. said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ثم NOOOOOO!!!!

I'll accept the makeup kit and graldy throw away the Exorcist.. that is without you knowing,, ofcourse :p

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe now i know. does that mean you want the Ouija board instead?

Antania said...

I WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY EID and inshalla you got your outfit :)

Flamingoliya said...

happy eid to you too, thanks dear and welcome to my blog :)
and yes i got an outfit, FINALLY!

W. said...

Ofcourse no!! LOOL

mmmm I wouldn't mind a sexy pair of stilletos from Jimmy Choo though ;p

(sha77ath o yetsharra6!)

minime said...

Happy Eid Flames :-)
At last I managed to connect, last night it won't :-(

BTW, If W. says matabee the ouija , I will. I even won't eat garlic before having a go :-P
& btw, did you realize that the name actually is french/german (yes yes) oui/ja

I don't know what it is, but yor site is the hardest to connect to for me :-( ... it takes forever & sometimes it just doesn't get through at all :-(

Love & Peace

Flamingoliya said...

what's their website, i'll send you it's pic :p

Happy Eid to you too :)
you're the first one having problems with my blog. that's weird since i don't have any pics or links!
how come you want the ouija? i thought you didn't believe in this stuff!
i didn't notice the oui/ja thing. so if we want to translate it to arabic it will be "law7at na3amna3am" heh.

minime said...

Wallah I need the (weejee), as the english call it, to ask Mr Jinnie a few personal things ;-)

You said you spoke with the him, right?

khalnee ashoof can he/she answer a couple I have for him/her.

Tara 3ala fikrah, ela el7een ma legate hal counter on your page. I know you described it but I couldn't :-(

9ij el3eed pooed on me this year....sneeze, bad
cough :-(
till later friend :-)

Flamingoliya said...

Brachy Tarachy,
you won't need the weejee for that. just ask me ;p
the counter is there, maybe it's because of your 4MB apple.
stop sitting in the balcony and you will get better :)

qari'at al finjan, om al dawahi

W. said...

la ya elshoes ya balash.. a7er galbi laish?? 7alaa ho?? ;p

minime said...

Hi guys :-)
I fell asleep but it appears that some jini woke me up to reply to this @ 4 in the morning <:-P

(la ya elshoes ya balash.. a7er galbi laish?? 7alaa ho?? ;p)..... i read & re-read this 4 times & have no clue.. didn't realize you spoke chinese :-P...
O,, was this addressed to me though?

Flames, walla i haven't been in the balcony for 3 days now, though miss it :-(,
La ya sitti I don't use the Apple for internet browsing (I do bass showayah), IBM = Internet. Apple = Image Editing & work :-)
Wo ba3dain law sama7tay, its 4GB moo MB.. :-P)

La , Allah yesalmich, my questions need only a jini to answer. ba3dane how would I know ma tige9een 3alay?.. bass tabeen el 9ara7ah? Ana 9ejj nemt fi el-shuwaikh fi "suppposedly" haunted house, but gem akhaf minich little by little......
That Um eldawahi signature of yours was a bit of a chill.... la wa especially your instant wish to have a praying mantis...scary..

Flamingoliya said...

OK, you refused the offer :p

good morning
at least i remembered the 4 whether it's MB or GB it doesn't matter as long as it's just AN APPLE.

how would you know what the jinni won't egis 3aleik too? at least i'm an older friend :p

i'm glad you're scared

W. said...

Hi there!!

FINALLY I got to your blog, I donno why I assumed that it was deleted - apparently I miss-spelled the URL.. wallah enni mtan7ah...

ee I refused it ya 7lwa,, I want the thekthy shoes ;p

minime said...

Ya sitt,
do you not think it is time you said something.
a new ghost, the next horror story you said you'll tell us..... ishfeech waggaftay 3end el counter :-)

mydream said...

Kel 3am wenty eb khair :)

Flamingoliya said...

It's on your blog you don't need to memorize it :)
Oh well, i think it's you who gave me the eidiyya. The edible eidiyya. ;)

i need inspiration ;p

Wentay eb khair o si77a o salama, thanks :)