Saturday, January 08, 2005


Sitting in my office
Resting my forehead on my little magnetic teddy bear over my large dictionary
Didn’t have enough sleep last night
Star academy finished late
The results were very unfair
Had so many things going through my mind
Friends and family issues, love, marriage and work
I feel so stressed
I slept tight but woke up with a headache
Oh my God, they are here
Mali khilg mojamalat ejtima3iyya
Mali khilg smile when I don’t feel like it
Mali khilg act like a friend, when they are not


W. said...

May I recommend the ULTIMATE solution

Go to the nearest makeup store and shop for the following

1-Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
2-Bobbi Brown Foundation stick
3-YSL touche eclat
4-Guerlain les voilettes loose powder (wonderful smell)
5-MAC all over gloss in fantastical or Guerlain Meteorites glittering pearls powder for the face
6-Chanel nail polish in Diamond
7-Chanel Sparkling Eye shadow OR Mac's eye shadow palette "tease me"
8-Lancome Kohl in black
9- Shiseido the makeup fine eyeliner
10-YSL leangthening and intensifying maskara in black (for chanel color scheme) or dark green (for MAC's color scheme)

Ok once you have your kit ready, go back home and take a nice shower, clean your face with a gentle facial cleanser and dry it gentley with a clean tissue. After applying the primer, apply the touche eclat around the eye area and blend it. Then apply the foundation and smudge it with your fingers or sponge. make sure you blend both together (foundation and touche eclat). Once you finish with that, spread powder all over your face (to help set the foundation) then apply the eye shadow, eyeliner, kohl - if you like, then maskara. For the final touches, apply the highlighter (Guerlain or MAC) on your cheekbones, nose temple and chin (not too much unless you're looking for the sweaty look - which will fit nicely if you plan on being in an Enrique Iglasias video) apply a bit of blusher to finish..

Now.. once that it settled.. pass by me and lets go to the nearest swingers club ;)

LOL anyway,, the main purpose of this long post of mine is to tell you that I sincerely hope you feel better soon...

Perhaps a massage will do you good :)

Jewaira said...

A nice long nap followed by a refreshing cup of tea. That's what you need for the Saturday Blues :) Hope you feel better :)

W. said...

I don't drink red tea.. Never tasted it..

Only herbal

Flamingoliya said...

I'm amazed really! You talk like an expert. You should start business and I will be your first customer! Thank you for your sweet advice. I love long comments by the way. So feel free to write what ever you like.

i enjoy drinking coffee, mocha or hot chocolate. Herbals i drink for remedies not for their taste.

Best way to drink tea is by dipping marrie biscuit. I call it my Indian recipe.

Jewaira.. my paintbrush,
Thank you for the note. This is exactly what i need :)

W. said...

I love it!! it reached a point where everytime I go shopping, I have to pass by a store to check out whats new.. try the colors on my face or hand...I'd have several colored nailpolish on all my fingers, if they werent enough, use my sister or friend's,,,,,

Antania said...

i highly recomend a bar of chocolate (snack) with turkish coffee and then go and JOG and at late night sleep earlly oo ed3eely

Flamingoliya said...

LOL.. you are REALLY obsessed. maybe you should try testing on your toes next time :p
and when you do go shopping next time, pass by the toy store. You might find me checking latest dolls :/

Hello Antania and welcome to my blog :)
Your recommendation works great at work precisely 12 pm when I’m dead bored and feeling hungry. I only drink it at work cause I don’t know how to make it at home.
ra7 ad3eelich if you told me how to make it :p

W. said...

mmmmmmm will do ! ;p