Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I Got Conscience

I came to work at 9.30 today after having BF (break fast that is) with my friend. As I walked along the long corridor, I was thinking of how conscienceless I am coming late. To my surprise, the department was empty! Only 5 or 6 employees were there. Where in the hell are they? Why did I eat fast? Why didn’t I continue my chat with my best friend whom I haven’t seen in 2 weeks? And why didn’t I leave again to join her shopping? cause I have conscience. I want to enjoy fast internet connection at work.

Whenever my boss gets a sick leave, the rest of the department disappears. I don’t know why I’m always the last one to know. If I knew, I would be shopping at Salhiya with my friend right now.

I guess things happen for a reason. I just got a phone call from my colleague who’s really depressed wanting to celebrate her birthday when no ones around. She was excited that she found me. So I am of use now. And I will be getting a cake as soon as her order arrives, yummy. Another good reason for being here is that another colleague came to me desperately looking for contact lenses solution. I’ve been through that, so when you need a solution, you’ve got to find one. So super me was there to help although my solution is one year old; but I warned him and did what I had to do. Reason number 3 is being there for the 6abakh whom I mentioned in my previous post. Being accused of 150 fils robbery isn’t something easy.


Armani.Lab said...

ur their angel u didn't miss sitting with ur friend whom u haven't seen for a while..I find that a blessing 4 u..n a blessing 2 the ppl around u..n may the good reasons increase till the end of the day..n the day after...n the dayz after.. =)

Flamingoliya said...

i hope so too.

Sheba said...

Guwa bnaya!

Try the man2oosha & the fatayer at the coffee shop in Sal7iya (THE BEST).

Aku opening for me in your company, shakla wenasa!

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe even if there is, I wouldn’t recommend it for you. It’s only wanasa for consciendless people. I call it “the heart of darkness”.
I’ll try the man2oosha! "drooling" shawagteeni ma3anna I’m feeling full. Just had casper’s berries cheese cake. latheeeeeeeeeeeeeeetha

Sheba said...

aham shay 3asa ma3ashatkum zaina?

Try the man2oosha with a bowl of lebna on the side & chai ne3na3 or diet coke

Flamingoliya said...

i will enshalla. as for the ma3ash, it's not that much. i'm actually looking for another job.

W. said...

I need a job,,,

ya5te 6fasht mn kthr ma adawwer LOL I think this is fate's way of telling me that I should start "spawning"

wheres my chubby hubby ??

Flamingoliya said...

he's looking for you, just wait. i've been waiting for ages, and about to a6fish soon.
maybe we'd better start looking instead of waiting.

W. said...

e walla

actually we need to take courses from girls who snatch 5 guys at a go.

Personally, 5 is too much, I'll settle with 1 bs wain abo karoosha??

Flamingoliya said...

i'm good at snatching 5 flies at once. chan zain el hubby eb hal sahala.