Monday, January 03, 2005

Daily Resolutions

Everybody’s writing about new year’s resolutions. To me, a year changing makes no difference. I think of hours that go by un-noticed. Days spent without any real achievements, as well as weeks, months, and yes, years.
Every day I try to be a better person. If nothing is achieved today, I think of tomorrow. If an extra hour spent in bed (mitsharqida o mitmarqida mithil el maida) I feel guilty and try to consume my time in a useful thing like reading one of my books resting on my shelves for years waiting for my hand touch. Or one of my untouched magazines with old events, and out dated beauty and make up tips. I think daily of tidying my room, throwing old receipts, bank statements, organizing tens of tiny papers hidden here and there to makeup a complete diary. I think of giving away stored clothes that I kept for years, and by years, I mean since school days. Why? Because when size doesn’t change why throw them? And if size changes to bigger, I can always diet and become smaller. I got many items waiting to be worn on hope that I’d loose 7 kilos.
I have a club subscription that I don’t make use of. I have movies that I haven’t seen. I have emails that I haven’t read. Shower jells unused. Bath bubbles still sealed. There are so many things that I think of doing daily. But hours go by, days go by, weeks, months, and years un-noticed.

Many people celebrated new year; I haven’t. Not just because of the above-mentioned ideas, but also because of the tsunami. I wasn’t only grieving on the victims and their families, but also on the increasing signs of the judgment day. I am not ready; I want to be ready. I guess this could be a new year’s resolution.


Jewaira said...

Some people do their spring cleaning in April, getting rid of unused items and generally performing deep cleaning of their living area.

Some people I know do that during the month of Ramadahn, not only cleansing their spirits but also cleansing their living areas of clutter.

Perhaps the New Year is a time for you to clear out all that stuff you have accumulated Flamingoliya. I know it makes me happy to do that as much as I hate the work involved in it.

Flamingoliya said...

i just need a push cause i get freaked out when i see the piles.

Purgatory said...

:P you did celebrate new year's

shady q80 said...

Holy Tsunami Batman!

Cheer up hon. So many people die everyday without the dedication of one square inch of newspaper.

It is good to have mini-plans, kinda gives things a nice little kick start though I would try employing a PDA. It helps.

W. said...

I got tired of resolutions as well.

one thing I know, I'll be a quarter of a century old later on this year (bethn Allah)

thaag 9adree ;(

Flamingoliya said...

Shush don’t ruin my post ;pP

Shasawwi, that’s what was on TV on new years, besides star academy; since I was glued to TV on new years.
Regarding the PDA, I’m still waiting for someone to give it to me as a gift :p
As for now, I’m using my mobile calendar (things to do list).

Bas?! You are still young ;) but I know the feeling :)

Armani.Lab said...

So many wishes you wish for..
so many don't come true..
So many chances you long for..
will keep waiting for few..
So many heart ache you go through..
Will make you stonger than before..
So many things going on..
Will make you stop for a while...and

look at Yourself for a little while.../ NAK

Flamingoliya said...


Purgatory said...

I do not ruin your posts, I make them better :P

Flamingoliya said...

you know what i mean :p

Purgatory said...

yes I do :)

Armani.Lab said...

my name initials =)

Flamingoliya said...

Oh i see! stupid me.

That is a nice poem, thank you for sharing :)

Armani.Lab said...

ur most welcome..after reading ur post..It was as if am reading about myself in some parts..inzeen esh7aal 6abakhom? =)

Flamingoliya said...

i'm happy to know that i'm not alone. about the 6abakh, you can check my new posts.