Friday, January 28, 2005

Lame Housewife

I did a perfect husband test on this link:
and I turned out to be a lame housewife. I wasn't surprised really, but expected to score a bit more than 10! If any guy gets a high score, and is interested in a lame housewife, please don't hesitate contact me! :P


Hopeless Poet said...

i got 45 and i will be sleeping in the honeymoon suite 2night! :D
i messed up the laundry though .. sorry 4 that :p

Flamingoliya said...

LOL good for you! But I wouldn't sacrifice my closet! :p

shosho said...

Got 65 pts which means i will be sleeping in the honeymoon suite, which doesn't make sense, because after doing all such chores, i will be too exhausted to be in a "honeymoon" mood...

Flamingoliya said...

LOOOOOOOOOL shosho, not bad for a housewife!

Welcome aboard :D

Flamingoliya said...

did P4 give you a had? :p

Purgatory said...

Scored 65

W. said...


oh wanasa.. I always knew that about myself.. I'm certainly NOT "mommy" material.

رحم الله امرءا عرف قدر نفسع

W. said...

قصدي نفسه

حتي الكتابه ما عرفنالها الليله

W. said...

لا لحظه انا فهمت اللعبه غلط

W. said...

الظاهر ان غرفتي السبير و يخب علي

Antania said...

i got 75 heheheeeey

minime said...

I got 60
but I've done all this shit for real guys...Wallah
I've changed nappies, bathed baby, cooked, tidied house,,the whole thing & blooming well still doing a good portion of it too.. >:-/

minime said...

75 the second time round.
(Thinking to my self:
for some reason, I was annoyed with my self for knowing first time round that white washing was 80 & color was 40..grrrrrrrrrrrrr) :-P

Shaymz said...

i thought 90 was for white and 30 was for color..?

minime said...

you mean in real life or the game?
Actually its detergent dependant, but 50 works well for both :-P
shoofay what e7raj you get us in ya Ms. post host >:-)

Hopeless Poet said...

i got 65 the 2nd time!! i made some mistakes in the food .. so what if the kids drink a soft drink? it is good 4 their bones i guess :p
as 4 the washing machine .. trial and error works fine as long as i was not the 1 who paid 4 the clothes ;)

Vintage said...

im so disappointed in my self, 55!?? i thought im sooooooo much the mommy material.

hey hey.. did isay im disappointed? oh no, i think the game too misleading, life is much more fun thn that:)

Flamingoliya said...

Purg, same score ba3ad? No doubt it's P4.

Wasma, LOL walla mafahamt shay min kalamich :P

Antania, WOW highest score so far! Mashalla.

Brachy, only the first round counts :p
...and I thought you'd get the highest score!

I wonder what the relationship is between color and heat! :/

And I thought chicken nuggets were healthy!
You will be the one paying for the damage :p

55 made you disappointed? 3ayal ana shagooooool?

And NOW after reviewing your scores, I have decided the following:
Brachy will do the laundry
Poet will be the chef
Shosho will be mommy
Purg will be daddy
Wasma, Shaymz, Vintage and I will take house work lessons from Antania; the boss.

And no, no one gets to sleep in the honeymoon suite yet :p

W. said...


I'll give you an introduction to the Najdy Accent course... set the date and the time :p

Flamingoliya said...

Wasma i wanna learn German :p