Sunday, January 09, 2005

Embarrassing Moments

1. I was talking to my male colleague and he wasn’t looking in to my eyes. A thing I hate because it shows lack of concentration and respect. He takes a glimpse and then moves his eyes away. How rude! I looked at myself in my tiny mirror hidden between my stack of papers only to find a piece of “simsim” stuck in my lipstick at the edge of my lower lip. Since that day, I’ve been checking my looks on a bigger mirror positioned next to my pc screen.

2. I was shopping. I tried a blouse in a shop then moved to another. Only to be greeted with the Lebanese cute salesperson saying “moo minshani, bas minshan el 3alaam, ezrarik maftoo7”. For the first time in my life I felt “el arth eb tibla3ni”. Thank God he was polite.

3. A similar situation happened when shopping but this time it was a lady. She pointed at my skirt and told me that my side zipper was open. Thank God there was a button on top of the zipper.

4. I was resting in my office when a hateful colleague came asking for a document. I leaned to the side to get it for her, only to find myself on the ground. The chair couldn’t hold my side weight. What made the situation worse is that she stood frozen there without a single word or a hand. So I hated her more. My waist hurts whenever I remember this. But I guess I deserve what happened cause till this day “I promised myself not to mention this story but here I am doing it” I remember going to the head master of the school with my sister and aunt. He greeted us and fell on the floor thinking there was a chair behind him. I kept laughing and telling this story to whomever I met. So, now I believe that what goes around, comes around.

This is what came to my mind right now. But there are embarrassing situations that happened to friends like:

1. She was talking in a meeting in a room full of people and her friend was pointing at her mouth all the time she was talking. She had no idea what her friend meant. Only to know after the meeting that she had “taboola” stuck in her front teeth.

Never eat taboola without brushing your teeth afterwards!

2. She was walking in open air when it was windy. Hijab had fallen, head is covered with am6a only. I’ve seen that and it looks ugly. So, never wear am6a and hijab without the use of a pin or a sticker.

Note: I would like to thank Microsoft Office for inventing word spell check. Thank you! Thank you, Thank you!


Armani.Lab said...

Hahahah @ the thanking note!

well don't we all go through such embarrassing moments..inshallah u won't have any esp. with ppl u dislike..coz it really pisses me off..

Flamingoliya said...

i hope so too :)

:: muslim artist :: said...

Heheh Flamingo.. go easy on the poor guy. Maybe he's just humble and too shy to look into a pretty woman's eyes;-)

I am willing to bet that is the reason, rather than him being rude.

Flamingoliya said...

if he were another guy then maybe. but this is my colleague and i know he's definitely not humble or shy. He was afraid of bursting in laughter :)

Jewaira said...

That was simply hilarious my dear, so funny. I could just imagine the guy averting his gaze from your gorgeous sim-sim lips ;)
All your situations are simply funny. Except the tabbouleh one is so annoying because it happens so many times and is so gross!

mydream said...

lool!! nice post :) btw why do they call it "em6a"?

The Don ® said...

How did MS Office spell check am6a ?? LOL :)

Flamingoliya said...

gorgeous sim-sim lips? Hehehe I liked that… better eat taboolah at home only (:

Thank you mydream :) I don't know why it's called am6a I guess it's just a name. I think ga7fiyya is a better word but I had to change to am6a for people to understand.

The Don,
Don: put on, throw on, pull on
take off (antonym)
thanks to the dictionary too :p

minime said...


What a sweet post I must say.

I have a few, but I won't share all, toooo

But here's one.
I work across the road from where I live and so being a short distance, I walk it usually.
One early morning just before going to work I had my breakfast & shower & then dashed out.
We'd just had this new lady joining us at work & she was quite silent & respectful to all, and of course add to that the fact that she had just joined, made her less casual with everyone.
Anyway, I walked up to her desk & asked her for a number of things & she very seriously got on with it, no odd remarks or anything. Straight face & quite normal.
I left her & went on to my corner & a short while later noticed my own reflection in the computer screen but with an object that moved with my I had cleaned my ears after the shower & had left the ear bud in my left ear still sticking out. How is it that I never felt it beats me.

By the way, quite often programs have a so called (Easter egg) hidden in them.
An Easter egg in a program is a hidden feature that can be viewed/activated when a combination of keys or commands are applied.

As for Microsoft spell checker, I remember office 97 had this (perk more than Easter egg) in it.
If you misspelled the word Kiss in a certain way & right clicked for a spell check suggestion, it would suggest the word (Fuck) as a replacement....excuse the language, but Wallah its true, I tried it myself at the time & it worked. Regrettably I don't remember how you could get that to happen. If I ever remember, I'll post.

Cheers & have a good day .

Flamingoliya said...

Ear bud? HAHAHAHAHA. You really made me laugh there. This is sooooo embarrassing. Thank you for sharing and I would love to hear your other more embarrassing stories :D
As for the spell checker, maybe you were using Thesaurus :P

minime said...

N.O. C.H.A.N.C.E. :-D)

Flamingoliya said...

7asafa :(


W. said...

I trip infront of guys I'm attracted to.. its a fact,, when ppl say weak in the knees, they usually mean people like me who cant wait for the oppertunity to make a dramatic scene infront of beautiful men,, the thing is, I dont even bloody fall,, atleast if I fell, there would be somewhat of an ending to the drama,, like closure of some sort.. but tripping?? its like watching my prestiege,, go down the goddamn drain,, or be shaken up like that in public...

and the WORST part is... I end up laughing,, AT MY OWN SELF!

One situation comes to mind, I was walking with mama on Sloane st when i tripped (thank GOD no hottie was on site) but mama had to say "bsmella 3alaik" which made me feel embarrased because she made it obvious that she noticed.. ANYWAY,,, suddenly I hear this OLD fart saying "Bsmella 3alaaaaaik ya3yooni" which totally made my day because NOT only have I lost my prestiege infront of him, but now I know that my knees weaken infront of a man who is fit to be my grandfather...

Flamingoliya said...

HAHAHAHA :D I can relate to that. Usually ladies walk gently in these situations, I do the opposite; I walk like a marine.

minime said...

what about driving, how does that go :-P

Flamingoliya said...

ضربت على الوتر الحساس

Pleeeeeeeeeease don’t remind me about driving. I feel so ashamed. I either become geeziyya and drive fast or bump in to something.
Blame it on my adrenaline production. And if I were in the parking lot, I might stay several minutes searching for my car. Adrenaline makes me forget where I parked.

minime said...

Are you serious or kidding? goolay WAllah.
Please don't go on joking, min 9ejjich?

Flamingoliya said...

hehe oh well... it is true, but only on someone i had a crush on.

minime said...

This is very new info but depressing & sad.
Women fall & collapse & wallow while driving when in the presence of a good looking man.

I've never seen than. Which very unfortunatly tells me alot about me. ugly dog.

Flamingoliya said...

don't be sad Brachy, notice that i just said "a crush" which doesn't have to mean handsome or ugly. o ba3dain you wouldn't know. maybe it happened while you weren't aware of it. i don't think those who saw me, or W. knew what caused the "embarassing moment".

minime said...

yes well them reyayeel didn't but, I do now :-P

Walla come to think of it... shit it did happen once..FLAMESSSS, I just remembered..lololo
I was at a hospital once waiting in line & in front of me was this young lady with her mom.
Something happened in front of her & she had to walk backwards only to fall backwards on me.
Had it not been for the wall behind me, I am sure (being caught off guard) I would've landed on the floor on my back with her on top of me.
Allah sitar the wall held me up..lolol
I was morahig then, & was sweating min ele7raj, but she let out quite a large tha7ka.
I know for a fact that it was a tha7ka 3ala whatever expression my face had at the time.
heeeeeey, I can proudly say that I've seen a woman trip now... never mind reasons or conclusions :-/

Flamingoliya said...

LOL .. see? i told you, tripping happens :p