Monday, January 17, 2005

Ouija Board

I thought It was just a toy. A board game just like monopoly. But it wasn’t.

She brought the game and explained it for me. I told her that I was a pro and tried it many times using paper and finyal (arabic coffee cup) but never worked. I remember hiding in the dirty untidy Mul7aq (outside room used for storage) that was full of bugs with my friend. We read Quran and started ta7theer arwa7 (reaching spirits). All what we got was our street cat making strange moves and running out of the room. That scared us, but it was no proof since the finyal kept quiet. It was a disappointment to us, but a relief that I won’t loose 45 prayers.

We used candles too in her room trying to reach her dead friends soul in the dark, without the use of finyal. Nothing worked either although she claimed it happened when I wasn’t around. There was a fear of the unknown mixed with mere excitement of reaching the dead.

So there I was again in the clean diwaniyya this time, with another friend. We said our prayers. I was completely relaxed cause this time it was noon and the sun rays were coming through the window glass. We didn’t have to use candles. I knew for sure that ghosts won’t come near.

We called for the spirit and to my surprise, the triangular piece of plastic moved. I could’ve reassured myself that it was my friend moving it cause it was a very light plastic and easy to move around without me noticing. But seeing her slight finger touch on the piece and feeling my finger moving with a power I knew I didn’t have made me realize it was real. It worked. It finally worked. Was I happy? I was excited more than happy that I finally experienced what elders did when they didn’t let me do it with them in the late dark cold nights at chalet. Had they known I would try it with my friend? Had they known they kept me eager to experience what they experienced?

I asked for my dead relative that I never seen. They called her and I knew it was her because she described her looks and her description was similar to mine. Both my friend and I asked whom we were going to get married to, and the names mentioned were close family names.

I was satisfied that I did it. I quenched my curiosity. Promised myself not to do it again not only for knowing about loosing 45 prayers but also after knowing that the Jin would’ve haunted me.

Years of trying to reach Jin by finyal, was easily achieved with Ouija board. I wonder how it is carelessly sold like just another piece of toy; It is not.

WARNING: This post is published to share an experience. Whether you are religious or not, DO NOT try it. It can make you an easy prey for Jin to haunt you.


W. said...

I would have fainted

Flamingoliya said...



Jewaira said...

No need to mess with that kind of stuff. I always stuffed our Ouija board far out of sight. Creepy.

Flamingoliya said...

yeah. i didn't realize that back then. any stories to tell?

W. said...

la seriously speaking,, I get freaked out from things like this. :(

Flamingoliya said...

oops... sorry :)
this first event took place in Saudi btw.

W. said...

tdreen, its only till a couple of years ago that i started saying "Jin" it used to be "bsmeALlah" or better yet, I don't even want to aknowledge their existence!!!

Flamingoliya said...

yal chicken :p
they won't come near you if you say your prayers. so you don't watch horror movies then?!

W. said...

i do, although I have been spirtually dry atm, bs getting there insha Allah,

As for horror movies,, depends, if I'm with a large group 3adi I wouldn't mind,, but I'll be screaming half the time with my eyes closed (ya3ne malha da3ee ashoofah a9lan) but I love psychological thrillers!!

and I absolutly HAAAAAAAAAAATE the exorcist

Flamingoliya said...

LOL :D ... the exorcist, that's what i meant by horror movies but forgot it's name!!! wayid yisla7lich hehehe. 3ad you know what? i get scared too but love watching them. i love "the others" and "the haunted house.. i think! a movie with baby spirits". but you know what? many people warned me not to see the exorcist, but it was the only movie that didn't scare me a bit!
one thing i hate is loud sudden sound effects. if i were at the cinema, i might open wide my hands and legs and hit people sitting on both sides and scream with my loudest voice. i prefer watching them around people too though.
i hate movies like scream and candy man. all the blood and killing. yuck.

minime said...

Hiya :-)
woba3dane 6ay7eenlah te6enez 3aley??????
creepy stuff wa ma'adree shino, and la troo7oon house of brachy tarah ye3eth. And here is poor me trying hard to appear sane & normal & just try to pass love of little harmless critters to your hearts & kept on being picked on wa aana saaber.
Wo ba3dane you pull this?.. walla menti hayna :-P
but seriously you buy that?.. i don't & won't believe it even if I see it.
It was once that I heard amongst some friends that there was a haunted house in shuwaikh & that jin appear at night.
I went there & spent a whole night alone & to no avail, Mr. jin won't visit me. perhaps because I like garlic a lot in my cuisine & it turns them
Flamingoliya bud. Occupation of yours truly is fine arts photography, bass min el 3ayar elthigeel :-)
hence what I was saying in an early post on your site that it is such a 9udfa, but I am sure that neither you nor W. took me seriously :-P
la bass seriously, 3ayar thigeel is I mean I do very high quality work :-)
and as a matter of fact, because I do photography for living, whenever I see a picture or a film my eyes immediately begin to break down the picture into its technical detils, so believe it or not, when I watch horror films, I can't stop laughing as I can clearly see all the lighting effects wa ma agdar
God bless :-)

Shaymz said...

Flam.. so now you know the name of the guy you will be marrying? imagine if it's true! how do you feel, tell me i wanna know? it's kinda like macbeth when the witches foretold his future. waw! so back to the guy, your future husband.. lol! am sorry.. this is just, i dunno! :P imagine if it's true? :P of course we should all believe in jin (and btw.. why is jin capitalized?). tell you a secret? Oh and W.. here is where you should stop reading; don’t' wanna scare you! :P I actually know a girl who has been haunted by a ghost. she's my friends's cousin. freaky huh?

W. said...

سلام قول من رب رحيم.... الله يهديك يا بنت الحلال

الحين تكفين وشلون بنام :(

The Truth said...

Dear Flamingoliya,

As always your posts are informative and helpful. Thankyou for sharing with us how to use the jin for our own selfish purposes. I feel confident that with the new-found knowledge I have recieved from this post... I will be able to speak to the biengs from other dimensions.... and ask them for some personal favours and knowledge.

In fact I am talking to one right now...I like his taste in clothes( I think its a he.... can't really tell). Nice work on your nails buddy.

He would like to post a comment through me. I have become his ouija board. There are two of them right now with their hands on my head.

Ok..shoot what do you want me to say.


Misguided Jin

The Truth said...


Zeecu said...

very interesting..

Flamingoliya said...

You WILL believe it when you see it.
PLEASE tell me the address of the Shuwaikh house! it was very brave of you sleeping there! i suggest that you go there again without eating garlic :p
i don't know why you think that I and W. were just teasing you. here you are confirming that you do high quality photography! and for living too! unless you're too lazy to be our modeer. I was though, when i voted for you :p but it’s because i know i'm just a junior in this.
LOL at "break down the picture into its technical detils" this is funny, and shows your
talent but to the extent that you don't enjoy the movie! that's a pity :)

speaking of haunted houses, what do you know about the old white/light blue salmiyya house? it stayed there for years and i think now it's gone. i look for it whenever i go to Salmiyya but i guess they replaced it with a mosque! i read a horrifying story about it but i know it's not real.

Flamingoliya said...

Hello there and welcome to my blog :)
it's true that i kept thinking about the name, but deep inside i didn't believe it. because i know that Jin won't tell the truth about destiny; only Allah knows. what i felt at that time was "oh no, that's not the name of the person i had a crush on"

till this day, none of us is married yet. not I, not the friend i shared ta7theer with, and not this guy. MAYBE it's Ouija's curse :p

i write Jin with caps because names should be written with caps.

That's freaky indeed, the girl you know, Allah yakfeenna sharhom :/

Flamingoliya said...

I consider this as an online journal where i share experiences and look for similar feedback. i don't have informative purposes; as the blog world is full of them.

I'm glad you find it interesting.

W. said...

زيكو المدمر

Zeecu said...

W.: why do I see you saying 'zeecu al modammir' wherever I post a comment hehehe

Shaymz said...

Flam.. thanx for welcoming me to your blog.. I really enjoy it, and thanx for visiting mine! :) and about the jin.. why won't they tell you the truth? Akoo good jin oo akoo the bad ones. And the fact that all of you are not married yet hmmm.. I wonder if maybe you two are meant to be!!! :D hehe.. plz plz tell me if you do get married, I wanna know if this jin of yours was for real, or only kidding! :P and the girl.. yeah.. she's the definition of freaky!

W.. I warned you not to read! :P

Flamingoliya said...

Dear Shaymz,
la thanks 3ala wajib. I'm glad you enjoy my blog (*'_'*)
Jin won't tell the truth because no body knows fortune except God. they knew my name, thus they mentioned a close family name. they knew the way i look, so they gave a similar description. it's like what fortune tellers (monajimeen) say about future, with the help of Jin too.
i don't think we're meant to be, we're very different grown ups now :)
i sure will tell you when i get married hehe :)
i'm glad you enjoyed this kind of stuff. i have LOTS of more stories to share ;)
i saw a movie once, o as usual, i keep forgetting names. the actress is famous, forgot her name too. el mohim, enna she lives all her life waiting for Mr.X according to what the fortune teller told her once. she leaves her fiance just to look for him, only to fall in love with another guy who claimed he was Mr.X. bil nihaya, it turned out that her brother made that name out of nowhere just to tease her.

minime said...

This guy was out on a stroll, he gets near the river & finds a dirty lamp, you know, the genie stuff.
After the rub, out comes the giant, but this dude had an attitude.

So he says, shukran for getting me out, nice of you but I am in a hurry & must go, your 3 wishes please wa bisur3ah law sama7t.

The guy thinks & says ok, to get to work every morning, I have to cross this river, but to do that, I need to go 10 Km up this bank & cross then drive back another 10km. I want you to build me a bridge right across from where we stand so that I can get to work easily.
Genie says: oooh, that is a cumbersome task, think of all the concrete, iron, cables, wood and the huge amount of time needed to build a bridge. Do you mind skipping this to something easier please?
Man thinks again & this time says: well ok, then can you please add this special power to my brain so that I can understand women? I want to learn how to say the right thing at the right time, how to make her happy when she is down, how to impress her & how... Here, the genie interrupts him abruptly & says:
Would a multistory, air conditioned, golden framed windows bridge do sir?.. :-)

Flamingoliya said...

Brachy tarachy,
i don't know why they see women difficult to understand. We are very clear and comprehendible wallah!

oops, chinni 7alaft!