Saturday, March 04, 2006

At The Dentist

My last 3 dentist visits, 3 different doctors..

1. I had an operation and the suction machine stopped working. The dentist left me sinking in my fluids till he fixed it.

2. The dentist had finished working with my teeth and I was feeling dizzy waiting for him to pamper me and let the chair automatically rise.
The chair stopped working and I had to get up by myself. I leaned forward to gargle, and there was no water. The water tap stopped working too!
My dentist was totally stunned, and blamed my fortune.

3. I was watching my dentist carving my temporary tooth. My tooth fell down and the dentist asked me to stop looking at him!


Ms.Baker said...



Now that's one crummy dentist. Ra7may roo7ich and make sure you don't go back!

(I can't believe he asked you not to look at him!)

MsB, who is very very very judgemental about dentists...

Flamingoliya said...

It's the top dental clinic in kuwait!
and i swear he asked me that :/

btw, dentist number 2 & 3 are from the same clinic.

Judy Abbott said...


this is why you should do to al maidan clinic :) listen to me .

Khobiz said...

baaih.. freakin dentists...
it just wasnt ur day girl...
khairha ib ghairha i guess

Jelly Belly said...

I agree with Ms.Baker you need to find a new dentist...LOL

I hope you're not in any pain?

MSB said...

:| I hate dentists. in the US i had a GREAT dentist. bs miskeen every time i walked into his office i'd tell him 'nothing personal, but i hate u.. i hate dentists!'

akrah shay when i walk into a dentist's office o hear the sound of drill! O THE TERROR!

Misguided said...

Dear Flamingoliya,

Salamaat. LOL!

I think it's time to switch dentist.


Broke said...

La La La ..



ضحكتيني بس كسرتي خاطري

Lord Bin Sleet said...

he is right, don't look at him like he is a killer

Lord Bin Sleet

Flamingoliya said...

now you know ;)

every day isn't my day :P

those were 3 different dentists! :/
el 7imdella pain is over :) 2 more sessions left.. allah yaster. thanks for asking.

LOL do you have to tell them you hate them!? hehehe
the drill's sound makes you feel you're like in a garage!

allah esalmik :) i did wallah but..
لم أجد ضالتي بعد
the one i liked and used to go to has grown old and gotten a shaky hand :/

شسوي بعد
انت الي عارفه الحال

Lord bin sleet
LOL I am curious. I like watching :P

Misguided said...

Dear Flamingoliya,

I created the video you requested

your buddy,

Flamingoliya said...

Thank you Misguided :)

Ruby said...

LOOOL ! now i can beleive how GUBBOS u are :P heheh !!

in those 3 DIFFERENT visites everything STOPS !!!! @@ wierd ! :(

3awarty galby as well ..

W. said...

تكفين تعالي معي لين جيت اشيل ظرس العقل

A3sab said...

it sound like a crappy place!!
change your dentist

Flamingoliya said...

salamat galbich :) nothing's wierd, it's my luck and I'm used to it :p

hehehehee I'd love to.

It's not. It's one of the best, that's just my luck.

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