Sunday, March 19, 2006

Marriage is..

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(your comments please)


Baroque said...

something i think is too early for me at this point of my life ;p

ha shrayich bil response ;p

Flamingoliya said...

khosh response :P but what about the picture?
What do you feel about it?

Broke said...

Mmmm .. The pic is inspirational .. feha kalam wayed but what I have right now is :

Marriage is NOT labsat besht .

Flamingoliya said...

Broke. what about the naked bride?

Ruby said...

el pic erfa3at thagh6y !!

chena etgol el women is cheap as if marriage it self just for being NAKED !

o el man is the guied ya3ny :@

tell me the correct meaning plz ..

Papillona ® said...

I'm having kinky thoughts

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe there's no correct meaning. i want to see your own perception :)

LOL.. please do tell :P

Ms.Baker said...


This is my perception of why you posted this pic and what it means in terms of marriage.

The "man" frame is wearing a bisht, therefore we can identify him as a "man" in our culture, and automatically an image and a feeling of identity and power enters our mind because of it.

But the "woman" frame? She has none. No item on her whatesoever. She is just an interchangable, empty, identity-less wire shape, and can be replaced by a million very similar wire frames.

The "bride" is empty and merely symbolic because she has no identity or power compared to the "groom" and his "bisht".

I think what I said is very true of the picture and it's symbolism and why you posted it.

MsB, who is reading too much Carl Jung and his psychology right now...

Ms.Baker said...

P.S. The interesting thing is that you titled the post for the picture "Marriage"...

MsB, in a very analytical mood

Flamingoliya said...

WOW! I don't know what to say! I love your interpretation!
about the title, that's my interpretation when I saw it. Something else comes to mind other than that? :)

3baid said...

You have it all wrong! The one in the bisht is the wife and she's being covered (protected) by her husband :]

Flamingoliya said...

wow! you're so romantic 3baid ;)
good one.

this post is fun!

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Flaming-

Your own unconscious ( and the feelings you have there) gave the picture the title when you viewed it - i.e. what is going on in your brain that you are not "consciously" aware of came out when you saw the picture because the picture triggered it, triggered the emotion. See, there is something called a Freudian slip ( I hate Freud, but this is true however). A Freudian slip is when something pops out of your mouth unexpectedly when you look at something, and what you say has nothing to do with what you are viewing, but reveals something deep seated and buried within you.

BTW, since I saw this in the pic, it says something about me too, LOL!

And the reality is that in many cases, this is how marriage is for some people in our Kuwaiti society. Some men or women
marry for the sake of getting married because of status or society or family pressures or to conform,and that woman is easily replaceable by another and another for the man...

In some ways, women are powerless in our society Flaming, and view themselves internally as powerless unless they have a man. They view themselves deep down as such...

Of course, this does not apply to everyone, is not something I could ever do, and is not my own personal feeling, as I am too much of an idealistic believer in love and soulmates... I would rather remain alone for the rest of my life than marry someone I didn't love and believed in... I am not one of those practical girls who plans a marriage and makes sure she has security in terms of marriage for herself in our culture. I don't know how to plan and calculate things to protect myself and look out for my "ma9la7a" that way as other girls do...

Which kinda might make me a dum-dum in the eyes of others, LOOOL!

Shasowee, I cannot help how I am, my heart is the bane of my existence...My brain is a wuss...


The blabby MsB who has turned your post into a psycho-social commentary on Kuwaiti marriage and her ridiculous open heart...and needs to get back to work!

Ms.Baker said...


If the wife is the one wearing the bisht, then I have to question the nature of this interesting, culturally revolutionary
gender mysterious marriage ;P

MsB, who is also a romantic and likes 3baids interpretation very much!

Flamingoliya said...

I'm moving there

Flamingoliya said...

I'm moving back here. I didn't like it there :/

Flamingoliya said...

comments I received on wordpress
Juddy Abbott
So you like it in here? i love the colors and the clearness...

and the little smilly face at the bottom of this page.

marrige is endless hot stuff :) that surrounds love with another meaning (etc) ..if any of both is not available..better end it.

o khalich min kharabee6 two souls bound bla bla bla ..bullshitt (excuse my fraciase)

So you left him too, eh Flamingoliya :P Blogger was a bad man!!

As for marriage, I love the freedom symbolized by the naked form in your photo. Why assume it should be a woman :P

I like the way the clotheless frame symbolises freedom of choice. We can choose to appear as we want. Or at least we wish to.

Hashemy said...

chaaaan zain bs radda 3ala labsaat el besht ;p

3afoor said...

Marriage is to show people that you are not gay ( am sorryyy but this is what came to my mind)

Jewaira said...

Lol, you are very faithful :P

samboose said...

Well the way I see it is "YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GONNA GET".

I don't see either one as male or female. Rather than two different depictions.

You're either suffocated and constraint (the one that's dressed) or you have the freedom to live your life the way you choose (Naked) The choice is ultimately yours. Do you conform into what's accepted or do you choose to make your own decisions and rules.

Ultimately: Marraige is like a wattermelon, you never know what's inside until you've already cracked it open!

I have no idea if what I wrote makes sense but it makes perfect sense in my head;)

Bloo said...

marriage is the rest of your life

Flamingoliya said...

THANK YOU for your wonderful comments. You made this post worthy of keeping! I agree with all what you've said and no you are not a dum dum and if you insist on being so then I am a dum dum too! (/me thinks of forming a dumdum society) no really, you're on the right track. and those girls aren't happy tara. It's just social marriage and we don't want that.

Thank you hehe enshalla I will move cosmo blog there.
2 souls binding isn't bull :/

hehehe yes I am, I missed my brown background! I liked the techno there but there was one thing missing that is playing with the template and adding stuff like a counter! I am addicted to my counter more than my blog you know :P
That was a typical pleasant Jewairian interpretation. I liked it :)

It surely makes perfect sense! Another pleasant perspective :)
Naked freedom hmmm :)

That's horrifying!