Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stupid Ringing Tune

Remember this lady? Wow, it's been a year.

Her current ringing tune is Right here waiting for Richard Marx. This song is one of my favorites and has a special place in my heart since it was the first english song I learned by heart during my first teenage years.

Anyway, NOW I started to hate it, and I don't want that! Whenever this tone plays AT WORK it means that her hubby is calling. Awwalan, khalisat el aghani for her to choose my fave?
Thaniyan, why would she use this particular song for her hubby? I mean she's not gonna "be right here waiting for" him!!!!

This is the kind of pathetic romance that I don't like :P
Maybe you'd say: entay shako feeha?
Well, ana akoo! She's my neighbor, we're not in good terms, and we don't speak, that's why.


Purgatory said...

Richard Marx!!! no no! I do not want to have that image in my mind!

Speaking of ring tones, I was with my friend the other day, and the Rick James tone starts ringing from a gurl who was out of her office, if you know the MC Hammer song "you cannot touch this" you know the music sample comes from Rick James song "Super Freak" , so now we know this gurl is super freaaaaky!

Flamingoliya said...


The Don ® said...

it's one of my favorites as well.. heck, I have it on my ipod.. lol

oh oh .. do you remember "Now And Forever" (
click and listen)

Flamingoliya said...

YES I LOVE IT! One of my faves too.
Richard Marx, Micheal Bolton, George Micheal... ahh ayyam zaman!