Wednesday, March 01, 2006


مسرحية كليله ودمنه لسليمان البسام في ميدان حولي اليوم
انا معجبه فيه وايد
تتوقعون يرضى اتصور معاه؟


Papillona ® said...

لأ طبعا ما راح يرضى

just kidding.. y7asilla aslan ;p

Jacqui said...

Been to the show since its first showing this week, that is Monday and he's such a great guy really

W. said...

ايه تكفين!! اجيك الكويت مير عشان اصورك بالبولورويد حقتي القديمة واقولك الصورة بعشرة "اريل":p

اريل: الريال بلهجة ام حديجان (وهو خلاف مسحوق الغسيل اللي سعره "اريل")

يختي يا ثقل دمي لين ما تقهويت

Flames, here is where you say
"لا مير كلس ملح وقبله"

وكلس (خلاف "كلس" وهو تقصير "كلسون" وهو من الالبسة الداخليةو كذلك لها معنى رائج ف "الكلس" هي المادة الترسبه في شي درسته في ماده الكيميا و نسيته الصراحه, بس هقوتي فيه كالسيوم بالموضوع)

نرجع للموضوع, وهو "كلس" (بشد اللام) فالمقوله اعلاه هي كنايه عن "كلك" واستبدلت الكاف بالسين (لزوم اظهار السنع والاصالة)

وبيني وبينك استحليت العب دور ام حديجان

Flamingoliya said...

مع اني ما فهمت 4/3 كلامك
but LOL!

Flamingoliya said...

I had Mcdonald's chicken burger before 2 days
so be ware people. It was the kids meal chicken burger (I wanted that cute strawberry short cake) doll.
اليوم ثالث يوم وبطني يعورني
unless there's some other reason that I don't know of.

Flamingoliya said...

I was at Arraya shopping complex last night. When I was in the fitting room I heard some noise. When I looked in to the fitting room next to me guess what I found?
A one year old baby girl in her cart wheel who just woke up!
A beautiful baby was sleeping there! And when I asked the salesperson, she said that it's the daughter of another salesperson at another shop!


W. said...


المرة الجاية بحطلك سبتيتلز

Flamingoliya said...

Catchoooo, sarli sa3a afakkir what she means with spell tease!!! :p

مبتدئ said...

Take your camera, and wait AFTER the show, cause gabla oo intermission bikoon ballah mashghool.. ba3dain go and say hi, picture please.. oo falich 6ayeb ;)

ehe .. sij he is very friendly, I went up to him last time in Keifan (movie thing) and introduced myself, ams after the show he recognized me o sallam .. bas deeri balich la yaglub british accent .. warning!

W. said...

LOOL subtitles!!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

He is soooooooo cuteeeeee...

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I was this close to hugging him last night.

Jacqui said...

Akh the british accent :/

IT was utterly amazing!

Jacqui said...


Broke said...

Honestly .. jamal men hatha enow3 yestahel el wa7ed hethawar 3ashana o mu bus jamal ..tharaabaah !

Ma agool ella ya bakhat murta :P

Eva said...

Afa Broke Mtzawwej ?
zain y3ne we don't know hal m3loma chan ma thayyagtay khelgna:p

Mashallah He's So Khalooq madre mn awal nathra 7sait y3ne , e7sas ya rabbe e7sas;p

7safa i missed the play , cham mara y3rthonha dar elaathar o i miss it ;/

busy busy week ;x

Flamingoliya said...

I wish you commented earlier! at 6:24 I was racing the wind! :P it was the first time ever that I actually go out early to be on time.
صج مواعيد انجليز
The cam was with me, but I wouldn't even dare to say Hi :/ I feel so shy infront of handsome men like him :P
Even his arabic accent is amazing.

yeah it took me long to get it. please stick to your english writing :p

bas cute? he's amazing!
The minute I posted this post I felt like deleting it. I didn't know so many people liked him! now I feel jealous! :P

shlon chithi you don't give me face? I was standing right infront of you! :P
not only his british accent, I even loved his arabic!!
now YOU stay away too! LOL

Honestly? my mood has changed dramatically. Now I am optimistic! I felt really proud that we have such a man in here although the news that he's married shocked me :P bas ta3awwadt yakhti all the good men are taken. But just knowing that a man like him exists makes me happy.
Does he happen to have a brother? Just wondering? :P
Is he in good terms with his wife? Does he have children?
(kidding ofcourse) :P

ee walla Broke esdimatna. Now I believe eb 3ilm el firasa!
I guess you were busy with loyac, huh? :)

Broke said...

I just saw my typo

Hethawar = ytahawar ..LOL !

Flam ..

Yeah ..of course we r proud of him cause he's kamel wel kamel Allah !

3ad ana shaja3tech ams 3ala el pic .. Bas el 7aya kan emsay6er 7azat-ha .. 7asafa ;)

Eva .. ya3ni mathalan mathalan ..lo he's single ..sheno momken y9eer ? :P

Such men 7alata bas tshofeenhum and take a pic with them .. That's it !

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Ok...tabeen ma3lomat...first..his wife is English...second...he was in the first movie of Bridget Johnses Diary...remember when she goes and interviews a guy who's supposed to be's only a 5 second clip..but it's him...third...he has dinner at Edo's a lot so incase anyone wants to go see should go there...fourth...I've met him a few times...and sadly...i felt he was a bit snobbish...sorry ladies...but I do definately appreciate his talents...

Flamingoliya said...

Never mind the typo, it seems that the coffee was decaf :P
He's kamil? hehehe madara.. you think he googles his name? ;)
ee 7aya matshoofini single? ma3arf ariz wayhi :P 3aks banat al7een.
LOL laish et7ab6een Eva? chood eseer bainhom charisma! :P

yes I remember the turkish guy! WOW!!!!! I have to see it again!! no other movies?
Edo? eshrayich next blogger meeting eseer there? hehehe 3ad I've never been there.
snobbish? 3aleeh bil 3afya mayinlaaaaam! ;p

chatterbox said...

اشسالفة هالمسرحية كلمن يتكلم عنها؟؟؟؟
وانا احب هالسوالف
وين يعرضونها ولي متى بلييييز؟؟؟!!؟؟

Flamingoliya said...

المسرحية انجليزيه وتابعة لأنشطة دار الآثار الاسلامية وامس كان آخر عرض لها

MissCosmoKuwait said...

LOL..."eshrayich the next blogger meeting ehnak?"...3adaaaaal...min kether ma etyeen ya Flam!!!...:)...of course you should guess what I'm about to say...."Of course we can have the next meeting there...bass ebshar6 Flamingoliya tiyee"...ha...eshgiltay?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Lucky wife of him, she is!

Damn it, all the good looking men are taken.

Flamingoliya said...

LOL khalas. bas 3ala shar6, ana oo entay bas! ;p

ee walla, good men should be cloned ;)

Anonymous said...

Flamy I know another Bassam guy who's as hadsome as suliman except for being taller and with a beard. Wanna book him?


Flamingoliya said...

really anon? taller ba3ad!? that's an extra!
but how's the beard? cos i hate beards!