Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Meeting

I had a business meeting at some place <<< extreme excitement.
When I first entered the building; I tripped <<< extreme embarrassment.
The cute guy turned out to be a very close relative to one of my co-worker-enemies << bummer.
The not so cute guy was the one who I caught looking at me <<< another bummer.
On my way out, my co-worker warned me to watch my step <<< I thought he forgot that I tripped.

Today’s resolution: to throw all my high heels.


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

hehehehe, better than tripping infront of hot cutie guy when he just picked you up for a date and while you're all dressed up for it!

Flamingoliya said...

:p la hatha wala thak!!

Purgatory said...

No i have a better resolution for you


Papillona ® said...

I can't walk in flat shoes. I just can't.

I know 3ax il awadim

P.S. Don't throw your heals! Sue the place where you tripped.

Delicately Realistic said...

Kha6ach il soo flammy!
Don't worry about the people watching...the most important thing is ma tit3awrain! You don't know how bad these innocent little trips up can be careful luv :*

Pappy ana mithlich!
I walk perfectly fine with heels, a9lan mashyity t9eer elegant. Bs la tshofeeny bil flat...chiny penguin min7ash! Afashil..china wa7da bil shahr il thamin! kil man yt6anaz it doesnt stop me from wearing my flats! Kaifi kaifi! Shfehom il penguins y3ny? :P

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Don't you just hate days like these! I was walking with a friend the other day wearing mules with thin we walked and heel got stuck in the pavement and my foot came out of it! I stood there like an idiot with only one shoe! It hurt like hell because I wasn't expecting for my foot to get stuck...boy...did I feel sheepish!

3baid said...

"I thought he forgot"

It's not too bad, he was trying to be nice :P

Jewaira said...

Tara even Naomi Campbell tripped on the catwalk in 1993. 3adi ;P

Jewaira said...

Best wishes to 6abakh :)

Hind said...

did you laugh at yourself? :D

Salty-C said...

Hehe, salamaat! :P

Lord Bin Sleet said...

تعيش وتاكل اكبر منها

Flamingoliya said...

Ok, next time I'll take you with me to lean on.

Flamingoliya said...

weird :/ sue them? yasjinooni thani yom.

kha6ach ellash :) al 7imdella gat saleema.
LOL el penguins mafeehom shay. but it seems that you were VERY flat shoes. try rubber buttoms and the ones with short heels.

yes! i've seen it happening with some girls :( allah e7fothach. i hate it when it happens.

lala i know he was laughing inside! :P

really? I am relieved now :P
6abakh is gone. and the new boys are still learning :(

yes i did! oo alot ba3ad that i made them laugh too!

allah esalmich :)