Monday, March 27, 2006

My Day

I had a bad day. Nothing unusual really, I'm used to bad days. In the morning a colleague sat beside me and started talking and talking and talking. She gave me a head ache. I can't take too much talk first thing in the morning especially before having my coffee. I ignored her by occupying myself with the computer but that didn't work. I just felt like screaming.

Had a religious discussion with another colleague and decided not discuss religion with anyone ever!

The talkative colleague came again with another friend and started talking and talking and talking about marriage. I had another discussion about marriage that I decided not to interfere with ever again either. Topics like settling down for someone who she doesn't think is perfect for her, incase no one asked her for marriage later on. Another topic like her family mocking her fiancé for his level of education or his family's social status when in reality the mocking family isn't any better. Lots and lots of topics that raised my blood pressure.

In the afternoon, I got rejected from a kind of group which really shocked me and made me depressed. I had shopping to do, a shop called me twice insisting that I come see their new collection. But when I went there I found none. The salesperson told me: " Sorry maam, we have another Flam, I got mixed". It was no time for me to forgive so she became the victim of today's frustration. Then I went to the next shop that belonged to the same company, I had a receipt and wanted to buy something. I saw a bag and I swear that all the time I was looking at it the salesperson would not stop saying:" It's very nice, nice model" tens of times even when I changed bags! I wanted to scream but instead I left the shop without buying anything to let her regret forcing me to buy the bag. Yes forcing, I think this company teaches it's sales persons how to insist and pressurize customers instead of selling.

That's when Broke called me, and saved me from an absolute heart attack. At home, I found out that the shoes I bought which were so comfortable at the shop, were so tight at home. Don't ask me why. Thank God this shop refunds. I don't want anymore receipts.

I have a head ache and I need to sleep.

Oh and one more thing, my sister keeps mocking my writing in this blog. So I tell her that it's just a blog and I can write whatever I want and that if I wrote any better, I would be publishing. I just miss the days when I wrote freely without anyone judging me. She doesn't like my language.

My cousin recently discovered my ID and she hasn't been herself since. Wonder why, maybe she's in shock?

They don't think that I look like what I write.

Have you seen the big THING that Meedas sells? It's in the ads everywhere. It looks like a big huggable bean bag in colorful shades. I need one right now.


3baid said...

Pay no attention. Write what you will in any way you want as if nobody ever reads it :) If they think they can do better, let them start their own blogs :P

Misguided said...

Dear Flamigoliya,

No advice, nothing I can say would make such a lousy day go away..

But the truth is life moves in cycles.. not all our days are happy and cheery.. and lousy ones such as the one you experienced come around once in a while.. patience my dear... this too shall pass.

And in terms of your writing... though I do not leave comments all the time.. I read every single one.. and I love it.

The stars have not dealt me the worst they could do:
My pleasures are plenty, my troubles are two.
But oh, my two troubles they reave me of rest,
The brains in my head and the heart in my breast.

Oh grant me the ease that is granted so free,
The birthright of multitudes, give it to me,
That relish their victuals and rest on their bed
With flint in the bosom and guts in the head.

- Housman


Hind said...

i am really sorry that you had to go through all this.
shopping supposed to be an antidepressant activity! poor flamingoliya :(
*hugs flames*

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I know those annoying people that would not stop talking and talking when you are not ready to listen! ekh!

A3sab said...

I stopped going to their chain of stores...unless i'm really really desperate

Broke said...

Ollah kel hatha !

Aham shay enna I saved u !

Thanks ;)

Enzain .. Let's try 2 make ur day few hours later :P

Jewaira said...

ithableen ya flamingoliya even when you have a bad day.

Ms.Baker said...

Oh, Flaming...

Mostly, there is no point in getting into discussions over the topics you mentioned especially with people at work. The tide is too strong to fight in Kuwait, so just switch off and say lots of "sa7 il-sannich" and "Allah Kareem's", nod your head sympathetically here and there...that way, they stop bothering you when they realize that you are just being polite and malich 5ulghum...

I shut salesgirls up as soon as they approach me with: "Thanks, I don't need your help, but I will call you if I do, please just let me look around". Also hold up your hand defensively to them to let them know they need to back OFF.

I just got judged harshly by someone very close to me for blogging... it hurt a lot. I am still angry, but it won't stop me... I have come to realise that the best policy these days is to not offer any information at all, and if someone finds something out about you, use plausible deniability and ignore...if only for the sake of your blood pressure and a peaceful night's sleep...

MsB, who isn't sure she has been very helpful at all, but tried ;)

P.S. Hope you feel better soon Flaming, tomorrow is another day :**

Papillona ® said...

Flam, For Love and More.

There's no such thing as a bad day - just different kinds of days. You have sunny day, rainy day, stormy day, clear day, energetic day, tiring day, blissful day..

and tomorrow is another day :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Flam ana a7ibich o a7ib ur language o a7ib kilshay about ur blog! Flam o bes wil bajy khas!
Bad days are good once in a while, they give u a reason to treat urself to ur favourite things. Indulge. Next day china mo intay.


Delicately Realistic said...
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MSB said...

wow... sorry!!!

aneh b3d, one of the most annoying things is ppl catching me when i walk into the office and yap yap yap even before my purse hits the desk!! willee ezeed el6een b'alleh, those who keep coming to my office and repeating the same stories!

if u ever get one of those 'i wanna kill someone' in the office days, just hollar.. i'll help u out!! send out the batman light signal o ana batsaraf.

Flamingoliya said...

Dear friends,
Thank you all for your wonderful loving comments. I love you all and you really made my day! I'm gonna return to this post whenever I feel down.