Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dessert للمتزوجين فقط


I was shopping at the perfume store when this product caught my attention. It's a body spray that can be used for hair too. As we all know, regular perfumes cause white hair.
So as I was checking it out, the salesperson asked me: (to be read in Egyptian accent)
انتي متجوزه؟
انا: لا
She had a grin on her face with her eyes looking down. I waited for her to say something but she didn't. So I asked:
ليش يعني؟ اشعلاقة العطر بكوني متزوجه أو لا؟
All I had in mind was that the perfume could be seductive. But what makes it so special? I mean, aren't most perfumes supposed to be so? She paused, thinking of what to say, grinned again and said:
هو يعني اكس-سز-يوز-مي يعني
Her tone raised and said:
هو لل
I won't say it. You figure it out.
(I still can't figure out why she said it loudly since she was acting polite)
So I said:
صج؟ شلون؟ ما فيه كحول؟؟
هي: لا، دووئييه
(Taste it)
أنا: لا
هي: دوئيييه
She insisted
أنا: لا
هي: طب دوئيييييه
أنا: لا مابي
Pronounced firmly.
She showed me two different flavors. One was chocolate, and the other was vanilla and caramel. It's glittery too. I took the body/hair spray only and she kept convincing me to get the other (eatable) products like lotions.
No, thanks maam, I said. But that didn't matter. She wouldn't stop until I told her:
لما أتزوج، أييلكم
She grinned again.

I was wondering for long about the relationship between the spray and it's brand name desert. Is it for stinky people living in hot areas for example? It's made in the USA and it's not that hot there; till I realized that it's deSSert not DeSert.


Broke said...

-I have never read something 4 u with out smiling/laughing ..

A7ebech ;)

- 3endy 7achy wayed butI have 2 leave office now .. khaf akhoora wana mesta3yela .. So , I'll get back 2 comment 3adel later

Papillona ® said...

lol I don't wanna know!!!

*me covers her ears*

jiji said...

OMG! inty ween ray7a!?! lool!!
shesm elma7al? i have sum girlfriends who r gettin married soon ;p khal adalehom elmokan ;p

Shurouq said...


U.E. said...

I got stuck at "we all know regular perfume makes your hair white"... we do? I've never heard this! :D Is this like the "put raw eggs behind your tires and roll over them to bless your new car" kuwaiti knowledge?? LOL, I love living here!

Oh.. and where did you buy Desserts??

3baid said...

"Wow, your hair smells good!"
"Really? You should try tasting it!"

It'll be funny if people associate the scent to pleasure, then when they get a the same whiff off of some stranger, they get all shifty. XD

*-fwai7-* said...

aaaaahahahahaa!! thakarteeni thak ilyoom ri7t ma3rath oo my boyfriends mom was there, shopping right next to me (i didn't realize until later lol). so im looking at Dessert glosses and creams and whatnot, and then i pick up some body whipped-cream :P with the sprinkles.
and hnee 7addi mshta6a bashtiri Dessert oo it smells yummy and tastes fabulous :)
and the woman asks me: "intay mitzawja?"
and i look at her with a big grin on my face and go: "ee batzawaj!"
and then my boyfriends mom looks at me with this funny look on her face. oo lamma istaw3abt what was happening, i quickly paid oo walked off. LOL it was horrible.

bes i see where they're going with this - ee makes a girl feel sexy and stuff, bes i can eaaasily spray that body whip on my boyfriend (and conveniently he loves whipped cream), and lick it off with the sprinkles too. but not EVERY girl is gonna use that stuff on their man. they should read the label before selling the product ya3ni, it says stuff like "feel irresistable" and shit.

oo uhma shako batzawaj wala la2. what if i'm a prostitute? are they gonna deny me some Dessert? :P i sink not.

Anonymous said...

that's the pefume/cosmetics line by Jessica Simpson....
.... ma athen nefa3 ma3a Nick ;)

MissCosmoKuwait said...

Aren't you glad we don't have to put eadable stuff on our selves??? The poor married women..the crap they put with....another plus of being single..lol!

Jacqui said...

Jessica Simpson came up with edible lip gloss, cream, and lots of crap and called it "Dessert" as well this past summer so it's nothing new :r Ugh it's just shocking how she was as berverted as I am these past few days :(

W. said...

"عاوزة حاقة تتاكل؟؟؟؟؟"

that's exactly what one woman told me when I went into this creepy lingerie store at a local mall called "SIR AL FIKRA" or something zeft like that

weh.. 7moothah!

Princess Mestiza said...

eeeee Its Jessica Simpson's Dessert,, I got a whole bunch of her products from Sephora this summer. I never thought it was for "metzawjeen faqa6"! I got them ma3a uboy.. o I thought they were girly stuff that would make me feel even more girly.. they're just fun

NuNu™ said...

اشعلاقة العطر بكوني متزوجه أو لا؟

Jewaira said...

So now your body and hair are edible? Be careful, you've been warned :)

You are right that perfumes turn hair white. It is also bad to put perfume on your skin and go out under the sun; it will cause brown patches.

As for edible lotions and other such love products, I am glad that such products are being made more openly available for people to share more love. I am just glad that it was a woman serving you and not a man like it used to be in the old days in some lingerie shops ;) He might have been licking his chops :P

Jewaira said...

And also, the Egyptian accent layeg 3alaich. Keep it up :P

Broke said...

Agool .. I was going 2 comment on this post ams - face 2 face - but I forgot .. Remind me next time we go out :P

NuNu™ said...

LOL!! Abbaih!! =D

mishari said...

iknow the answer bs ast7e agol :P

Flamingoliya said...

you still haven't commented! :P
love you too.

are you sure?

Mishrif Co-op

I am. Oops I mean it really is!

Unknown Entity
OMG you know about the eggs thing already!? hehehe a friend advised me of that once because my car kept getting crashed many times out of no where.. but ofcourse after asking about it I knew it was wrong.
Anyway, about the hair thing, that what everyone says here (sane people included :P ) maybe because our hair is dark so the white hair is more noticeable?
Read Jewaira's comment below.
I got the Desserts from Mishrif Co-op.

hehehe well back at school when The Body Shop first opened here.. most if not all girls smelled like Vanilla! The school smelled like a bakery.

Flamingoliya said...

LOL what a coincidence! :P
and yes they shouldn't ask if you're married or not. ohma shakoo! plus it's a feminine thing and you don't have to be married or involved with someone to have it! UGHH
I was once at a lingerie store and a really nice underwear caught my attention and when I asked the salesperson to show me, she didn't let me because I wasn't married!
It was very rude and I haven't been there ever since.

bummer :P

No I'm not. I like being edible ;)

Well it's new to me! :r
hahahaa berverted? JUST THESE PAST FEW DAYS? :P come on!! get real!

hahahahha ewww and what a name! hehe there are things that makes you hate the product!
Name of the shop, the way it's presented, the salesperson etc..
I think they are imitating "sir Victoria" :P

Princess Mestiza
Yes fun and girly! They just won't understand! hmf!

I see that you got it now :P

Yes yes! and I don't wanna be careful! :P
brown patches! aww!
LOL yeah I don't like men selling in those shops. I hated going with mom to AlTaher!
Oh don't be fooled by the written Egyptian accent.. you don't wanna hear me!

hehehe latgool :P

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