Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It doesn't make any sense

How could a man admire a woman for years and asks her for marriage when he's never spoken to her?


Judy Abbott said...

il 7ub il 3ethry :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Cuz men are stupid I tell ya!

3baid said...

This comes from the "all women are the same" and "she'll get used to you" mentality, so once he's married, he'll be able to do more than just talk :P

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

DR got there before me ;P


Baroque said...

i have something to add to DR and shopa.. ;p

men are stupid, throw rocks at them!

la2 seriously, did she agree?

i kinda think its sick!

Anonymous said...

Admiration, as in looking up to a person, can happen with people we've never spoken with. Marriage is a whole different issue.

Stupidity is infinite, you know.

Misguided said...

Dear Flaming Flamingoliya,

shy maybe?

I'm very shy.. so I can understand... i think.. madree

odd.. I dunno.
Love is complicated and people are... I dunno.

All I Know is this... umm..

I give up.. I dunno Flamingoliya.!!

Allah yewafig eljemee3!

Ruby said...

typically its the FROZEN FEELINGS it self !

MBH said...

Thanks to all of those who prompted men as stupid. That clearly shows how well you've been doing with your life!

Anyway, back to your question Flamingoliya.
Admiration could be over many things: Manners, Looks & Money. The latter two are the most common.
From your question, it kinda seems to be the first.
How a girl acts, talks, who are her friends, the way she dresses, ...etc. are all reasons for a sane guy to fall for a girl.
Looks fade, if not fake. Money fades. All what's left in a person is manners. Marriage is supposedly an everlasting relationship, and if you wish something to last, you pick the option that helps marriage to last. That would be manners.

Яeema said...

a big lie

this is what i see it , coz he is expecting something nice he dont know anything about it , only the outlooking not the soul

W. said...

He doesn't have the balls

laaa o itha inkha6bat za3al.. shoofi il7ekam bas!!!


Jewaira said...

He can. Because their spirits connected. Their eyes speak the language of love.
And sometimes you know that person is right for you.
What an exciting thought Flamingoliyah that you should have a sneaky, silent admirer in the folds of your blog, admiring you wordlessly, and without comment, until finally he just can't bear it and says: Marry Me Flamingo-girl :)

Flamingoliya said...

Is there such love now a days? :P

Oh tell me something new please hehe :P



No she didnt ;)


Yes maybe shy in approaching her.. but what I'm wondering about is how can one propose based on admiration that lasted for years based on looks only. He doesn't know her as person.
Marriage based on looks? Sounds awful.

hmmm feelings based on looks aren't feelings.

Oh please don't attack them. Blame it on bad luck. Good men are rare, or mostly taken :)
Wisely said and tells what kind of person you are. But with the case I'm talking about.. the man is way distant to judge the way she talks and such stuff.

That's what I think too.

Love your enthusiasm.

But their eyes never met!
Silent admirer? That would be awesome ;)