Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back to life

back to reality.

I've got a new job and I am not happy. Tomorrow's going to be my first day and it just feels like first day of school. I've had a long, loong, looong break and I don't feel like I've had enough. The past few weeks were the best days of my life, learned alot, seen alot, heard alot!

I discovered the real me. All my life I've been preoccupied with school and work. I just stayed home 3 months after I got my bachelor and then started work and that's how my life had always been. I never liked my job, I never felt satisfied with my life. Something was missing, and I didn't know what it was but now I know. It was me. I didn't know me.

Now I've met me. Now I know what me wants. Me wants to live each day to the fullest. Me wants to enjoy her life. Me had discovered a whole new world. A world that she was blinded to see.... Me wants to make up for the lost years.

One piece of advice, never rush in to anything, trust your intuition, love yourself the most, love the people you have and not the ones you don't have.


3baid said...

Good luck with the new job :)

Shopaholic said...

Good luck ;*

Jewaira said...

ALl the best on your new job. And I know how good the break you had feels :) Glad you did it

New Bride said...

good luck dear :) just like i just stayed 3 months b4 i start working :)

eshda3wa said...

tell us how it goes
oo inshallah this job turns out to be great and u get an even bigger sense of satisfaction

Broke said...

I'm happy for u :D

Your words touched me . They are full of light , especially the last part .

Wish u all the best dear :)

:: :: ::

Me wants to play Tom and Jerry with her soulmate ;P

Ansam said...

How did it go? I mean the first day of your new job?
I hope it all went well ;-)

Jewaira said...

so how is it going?

Shurouq said...

Hope the new job is treating you well :*

I like the weight ruler.. I also want to lose 7 kilos :/
May I ba3ad ithnich add one on my blog?

Flamingoliya said...

I miss blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Simper said...

good luck :) wish u the best :)

EniGma said...

oooh wanasa chena the last time i checked u had 6kg to go??

how's ur new job?

Anonymous said...

Tistahleen kil 5hair ya Flaming oo Allah iwafgich oo ihanich with your new position :) I have not visited you in quite a while, but after finally coming here and reading this post I find I am comforted and am so glad I did.

"Love the people you have and not the ones you dont have"

Yes :)

Yes indeed :) :)

Flamingoliya said...



I need a rewind now!

New bride
thanks, vacation should last longer!

thanks, better than my last job, so far

you know exactly where the light came from :p
tom, or jerrY? ;)

things are going smooth so far

I miss you know who.

suuuuure i myself copied it from another blog :P

Flamingoliya said...

The simper
thanks :)

yeah im loosing weight wanasa :)
new job is fine so far!

Flamingoliya said...

miss you around :(