Monday, May 21, 2007

Shoot me

I just wrote the longest, deepest, most personal post I've ever written and it all got deleted. Darn! It's been long since I last got inspired to write and it's all gone. I'll never come up with anything like it again.

I should get back to pen and paper again,maku 3alaihom


Breeze said...

i typically knew well how sucks does that feel ! ..

i went through it several times and it pissed me off especially if what i was writting WAS REFLECTING WHAT IS DEEP INSIDE of me .. !

bs that doesn't mean that u go back to the pen and paper .. COMEON :p .. we need to read ur thoughts here .. :) ..

Inshallah u got the mood back again to write more and more .. :)

waiting to read some more :D

3baid said...

Um.. doesn't blogger automatically save your posts now? Go to the edit page and see if it's still there.

Flamingoliya said...

good to see you back!! :)
don't worry, I retype what I write in pen and paper :) one shouldn't forget primitve ways of documenting :P

I was using gmail which saves draft automatically. but I can't find it! I must've clicked discard or something :S

Broke said...

7asafah !

Shawagteeni :/

Especially after "ams" ;P

Flamingoliya said...

ee 6afich! ana mit7asfa akthar. 3ad shirajji3 el insperation? ;(