Thursday, May 24, 2007

A One Hour Diary

It's hard to keep my eyelids open. I slept all day last night. They are good in treating insomnia. Subhan Allah, it's strange how you see similarities between people of the same nationality; same voice, same way of speech. Now it just feels I'm in Mitwaly Sharawi's lecture.

Extroverts who speak fast and who aren't aware if you're listening or not seem to outnumber introverts. My head feels heavy, help me. I need my caffeine intake. Is there a kind of caffeine that helps you listen well and not fall asleep? Even if you have slept 12 hours last night? God, this is depressing. What would happen if I just left class?

So many times I went to check my eye sight and turned out I'm Ok. Boredom makes it hard to keep my eyes open. I am writing this infront of my instructor, and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm writing notes. It's a waste of time to give a lecture when no one's listening.

My God, my colleague actually fell asleep! I can't blame him, I really can't. If it weren't for this diary I'm writing I would've been snoring. I feel so guilty towards my lecturer. He's so indulged that he's unaware we're falling asleep.

He's bald. Thank God I am a woman and I have hair. How do bald men wash their head? Do they use shampoo or soap? Do they use a conditioner? I know it's silly to ask about conditioner, but how come their head shines? I can see the reflection of neon lights on his head.

He must have said "alright? clear?" (tamam, wathi7?) a million times while no one responded. Can't he get it?

I am not a nervous person who rocks her foot, but now I am doing so, maybe to keep myself awake? To keep my blood circulation moving?

Somehow my turkish coffee seems to be decaffeinated; the drug isn't working.

I discovered a treatment for insomnia, my management!


I wrote this during my orientation program. I got a headache afterwards and slept last night from 5pm till today 8am!
15 straight hours. I think I should consider finding another new job :p


Breeze said...

LoooooooooooooooL !!

WAAAAAAAAY WA3alaya Kesartaw kha6ry !! i knew well how does it feel .. looool .. completley boaring .. !!

at least ur lecturer em3aliq 3ala kelmat ( tamam , wathi7 ) , bs i remember one of our boaring lecturer kan em3aliq 3ala kelmat

( KHALAAAA9 ? ) .. ya3ni after explaining any part he kept going ( KHALAAA9 ? MAFHOOOOM ) @@ ????

waaaaay bs meshkela etha 9ar el class boaring ! u feel as if u want to ignor the whole Thing and sleep without paying any attention to others .. :P

allah e3eeenich :/ ..

aham shay ena 3ala asas you're writting notes :P ..

i've done the same this once ago bs kent 7ady emathla 3adil ..

while am writting my notes thru the PC i was moving my head up and down as if Eeeeeeh FAHAMT :P ya3ni cheny ma3a el lecturer :P LOOL .. ! in a time 7eta ma adri 3an the whole topic what was about :P ..

Jewaira said...

Hmmmm..looks like you're getting used to new jobs :P

Bald/balding men are very sexy tara.

Flamingoliya said...

writing notes and noding. a real waste of time. the problem is, not anyone is fit to teach!

hehehe yep!

they are, but not all :/ I kinda like guns'n roses hair :p