Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wataniya Wnet Card?

I'm thinking of getting Wataniya Wnet card.

How is it? Is fast? Is it worth it?


Cr8ivia said...

why dont u get the e-go or the w-net USB?

eGo now 3.6 .. and fi tawsi3a it will be 7.2 ! the fastest in the middle east

sarli shahar wweyahum its good .. depends on the area u r in wil signal .. bas overall great ..

Asif said...

Its pretty decent to use and works well in nearly all areas of Kwt where you can get mobile signal. I have been using it till April this year. I finally cancelled my account two weeks back. You can have my AirCard for half price instead of paying Wataniya non-refundable deposit for the new aircard.

Breeze said...

i've got it ..

7adda 3amaly o0 good ..

never disconnect .. never had net troubles .. am so comfortable using it wallah .. :)

Flamingoliya said...

mtc works for one pc only. while wataniya for more than one in the house.
mtc is limited ya3ni by the end of the month your bill might reach KD500
while wataniya works for unlimited hours.
madri, i'm confused.. but so far, wataniya's offer shakla a7san.

KD50? why are you selling it?
about that card, i heard too that i can get it somewhere else at a cheaper price.. you have an ideA?

I'm just worried about the area thing. i'm not sure if it's gonna be fast from home, or work.

NArding said...

im using Wnet is realy good my friends have E-go i tried using it at their place in Rowtha its realy lousy where i talked to one of my friends who works in MTC he said its a 3.7mb area connection so meaning each area with its own MTC antena ( dont know how to spell it ) gets a 3.7mb so
ur speed = you+others with E-GO/3.7
while watanyia's Wnet is the best thing that happned to me in my life so far its the best 28kd amonth that are worth it i get as m high as 1.7mbps or max 2.0mbps if im downloading direct files of a good server( 170mb file in 12mins? do u want that)

but hey u have to know somthing about broadband connections EGO and Wnet if the device ur using has an antena like a small mustach u can move to get a better signle thats good it will help get a better connection try to stay near windows preferably open ones and just because ur mobile phone has connection doesnt mean ur Wnet or Ego will have a good one 2 :)

in the end i say WNET but if ur gona use the USB carfull not to break the USB by letting it move too much up and down i just broke mine and im havin a crapppy time trying to fix it at an electronic im on my 512kbps connection from sucky Qnet and i hate it so good luck