Friday, May 25, 2007

Please Them Now

Dear Post,

Today my parents are out. My sister is sitting in her locked room quietly reading a book. I did some laundry. I had some clothes that needed my touch but were left for long untouched. I've noticed that I and my sister do more stuff when my parents are out. We love home more. Maybe because we're free to do anything without anyone watching or dictating us. So in conclusion, we willingly do chores.

After my friend's father passed away, her siblings got the same effect. They were doing things their father wanted them to do in which they didn't when he was alive. These things could mean anything from simple house chores, visiting grandparents and family, or simply doing some grocery.

So my point is, why don't we all think about this, why not start thinking of pleasing our parents when they are here? or better yet, when they are alive?


Breeze said...

Nice thought of you .. :)) i liked how u ended up with an important question like this .. :) ..

Hmmmm Actually, i do pleased my parents BUT NOT ALWAYS .. ! to be honest ..

i don't know why , ma a7ib a7ad egoly shasawy ,, and whenever i inted to do something like mmmm lets say cocking , o0 my mum or dad keeps sayind YAH YAH YAH 3AFYAAAAA O0 ma adri sheno .. AHAWIN :S:S ..

i want them to close their eyes on me just for a while .. asawy eley abeeh o0 akhali9 ba3dain kaifhum khal e3alqoon ;) ..

heheh ..

EniGma said...

hehe breeze is right, this yah yah yah makes me change my mind straight away it's so annoying ya3ny shtabooon mo into t7innooon inna i do things! i don't like making a big deal of things and my mother is the queen of making big deals so that puts me off

Zahra said...

You hit it spot on, "Maybe because we're free to do anything without anyone watching or dictating us." I try my best to please my parents but it's sometimes human nature to rebel and resist being told what to do. Sometimes trying so hard to please our parents can wash out our personalities. There is a natural give-and-take once you reach adulthood.

Delicately Realistic said...



Delicately Realistic said...

Its a sign that they raised us well.

Sara said...

el9ara7a i dunno why lama omy o oboy ye6lo3oon aw ysafroon a7eb ag3ad bl bait akthaar o albes ely abeeh hehe oo la7a'6t eny azooor yadety wayed lama ykonon msafreen !! madry laish !! o a7eb arateb wa3adel lo omy tgoly ratbay o 3adlay ma arateb bs men tsafer a9eer 5osh bnaya LOOL, 3moman ahalnaa 3ala rosna o enshala manga9er b7aghom :>

Flamingoliya said...

thank you all for your comments :) good to know many of you feel the same way!