Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Institute of Pregnancies

She just discovered that her client’s calls and gifts were just friendly bribes. She ignored his calls and hid next to me. Suddenly, a face popped up from behind the wall. My heart leaped, my pupils widened.

C: you are hiding! I called you yesterday. I even called today!

He Looks at her big tummy and says “too bad one moment of pleasure causes this! So this is what you've been doing? This is the institute of pregnancies! You look fatter than before, what, is it kicking?”. She gets up and goes back to her office. He looks at me and says “see ya, don't work too hard!”
Me: I’m not!
C: HAHA good girl.

Post update....
Sorry people. I didn't expect the post to be this vague, though I enjoyed confusing you. It was just a brief summery of a conversation that happened between an employee and an English client. Both people were sitting beside me. I couldn't resist the temptation of posting their words. I grabbed my mobile as usual and typed the main points since I couldn't blog infront of them.

The employee considered the client as friend since he always called and sent her gifts. Clients usually do that as a reward for speeding up their paper work. The poor gal only discovered this quiet late after needing him for her own benefit but he wasn't there to help.

She ignored his calls for two days. She knew he was coming today. Therefore, she grabbed her handbag and hid in my office so he wouldn't see her when he comes; only to be surprised when he caught her. So as soon as they left to her office, I bloged their conversation with eagerness to hear more. The girl is married and the baby is her husbands of course but I found the way the client commented on her pregnancy was interesting. It was embarrassing for sure if I were in her shoes, but I liked his sarcastic thought about the "institute of pregnancies" as I am probably the only one who's been a loyal employee with full attendance rates. Yes we have those rates on excel. I carried the load of a full department for several times just because of pregnant absentees.

Once the lady gets pregnant she starts her endless sick leaves. First excuse is (I'm not feeling well) for fear of bad eye. After three months pass and when the pregnancy becomes obvious they announce it. Sine they announced it they would start taking pregnancy sick leaves. They would start showing up once every other day till it's (wilada) time that lasts for two months and then nursing time for four more months.

They finally attend after almost a year of absence. They need time to catch up with what they've missed. But then they wouldn't have the time to work on that because they would get pregnant again. That's when the circle would go round and around.

Ok I seem to have gotten carried away but really this issue has been bothering me since I started my job. Maybe one day I will be one of those, who knows. But I will make sure that my sick leaves will be truly sick ones. I might as well end up sitting at home.

After the client had a long conversation with the employee and as soon as he left the department; I heard her calling the flower shop. The client's daughter got married and she wanted to send her a bouquet. I guess he flipped her mind all over again, smart guy.


Purgatory said...

Which names start with a C??

Flamingoliya said...

client :p

Purgatory said...

gooli cethi men elawal!

Flamingoliya said...

i thought it was obvious!

Vintage said...

hmm... clarify it more flamingoleya.. is he the one who impregnanted her...

ya3ni im interested :)

Flamingoliya said...

Vintage, hehehehe! didn't think of it this way! is it that vague? hehehe oh well, i'm kinda glad i made you wonder because you always keep me wondering about your posts. so this is like pay-back time :p

no, he's just a client :)

Purgatory said...

nothing is obvious 2 me ya bashroosya :P

Armani.Lab said...

malat 3aleeh

Hopeless Poet said...

Who is the father?

Bloo said...

see.. every bodywants to know whos the father...

my posts makeu confused.. i dindt mean it .. :(

ok ..

**formally known as vintage**

Ms.Baker said...

Ohhh.. flaming, tell us more! 3allagteena, shissalfa?

Flamingoliya said...

Purg, a7san since the images you post aren't obvious either :p

Armani, a heart felt comment :)

Poet, Jood, Mrsbaker, I updated the post, I hope it makes sense now.

Bloo said...

thats more like it..
listen, for further note on ur update: do you really think you would only take sick leaves for real reasons-i totally agree and support that- when u actually brought up that one of their reasons is 7asad. ya3ni.. im really worried about 7asad alot too.. in alot of situations in life.. Hopeless poet kil ma ys2lni so2al, agola.. wa ta3awna 3ala gatha 7awa2jikom belkotman. ya3ni shasawi if i really fear 7asad ?

did i go off shoot , sorry :P

**formally known as vintage**

Flamingoliya said...

it's ok, i was planning to post on 7asad issue.
7asad won't affect you as long as you read roqya. and even if it does then it is meant to be. people ya7sidoon themselves, mothers ya7sidoon their daughters! so you can't get away from it even from close people. best thing is (roqya) and that's it! why live in worry.
if you want more detail on roqya thing tell me.

غسان said...

I need to know more about the roqya, Flamingoliya. Why pregnant women fear 7asad from other married and could be pregnant women?

Flamingoliya said...

not all married women have children or can get pregnant easily. so a pregnant one may fear their envy.
married women with only female kids could envy a pregnant lady with a male fetus and vice versa. women who keep breading one child after another fear envy too. a slim pregnant woman may fear fat women's envy.
so in conclusion, women examine everything about a lady and start their envy even if the envied lady is less fortunate. people don't appreciate what they have. they don't wish the best for others.

Flamingoliya said...

أفضل اسلوب متبع لابعاد شر الحسد والعين هو الرقية كما كان يفعل الرسول، كتيب "حصن المسلم" لسعيد القحطاني (لونه أحمر) هو أفضل وأسهل كتاب ويباع في أغلب المكتبات. احرص على قراءة اذكار الصباح والمساء، ادعية قبل النوم ووقت الاستيقاظ، وادعية الخروج من المنزل. ذلك بالاضافة الى ادعية ما بعد الصلاة. واهم شيء هو سورة الكرسي والمعوذات الثلاث.
الأمور المذكورة تحمي المسلم وهناك كتاب "الرقية الشرعية" لنفس الكاتب (لونه أخضر) ممكن قراءته لمزيد من الحماية أو لابعاد الحسد والعين ان وجدو.
وكما تعلم الشيخ موجود للمساعدة في الحالات المستعصية.
ان شعرت بان احد سيحسدك اطلب منهم قول ماشاء الله.اما اذا تم مفعول الحسد، يشرب الحاسد من كاس او كوب ثم يقوم المحسود بالشرب من نفس الكوب والمكان بعده. ثم يزول الحسد.

Hopeless Poet said...

So if they were absent, women will not envy them? I think they will still envy them no matter what! Even cos they are resting at home while other women working hard :P

Flamingoliya said...

those who hide it can't manage to hide it for too long, because in the end hard working envious people like me :p would take a peak at the absent employee's sick leave and find out that the Dr. who signed it is a gynecologist :pP

غسان said...

جزاكِ اللهُ خيراً:)

Flamingoliya said...


Jewaira said...

Inshallah one day soon
Flamingoliya you will get to do the same - take delivery and meternity leaves- and then soemone will have to take up doing your job.

This is the problem with employing women in the government sector.
Sometimes new female employees join only to take maternity leave 6 months later.

Don't get me wrong-I am all for mothers to be with their children. HOwever, from the Employee's perspective, it is frustrating to employ someone and then have them go on a long leave shortly after

Flamingoliya said...

thank you :)
unfortunately women misuse it in the government sector especially during pregnancy period. it becomes like a 9 month sick leave. why? just because they are pregnant. i know some have their special cases but most are just having it as an excuse to stay home.
so they are called delivery and maternity leaves? I have to correct my wording then :)