Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Baby Foot

Aquamarine and Gigi are obsessed by people’s hands and I think they are lucky. For hands are beautiful to look at. I told them that I look at something else. I never thought of having the guts to post about it here.

I look at people’s feet. It is not a fetish but I just like to observe. I look at the shape compared to a person’s body shape. I look at the size compared to a person’s height. I look at the color and observe those who have a lighter foot bottom shade. I observe if the skin is dry or soft. If the heals are cracked or not. If I’m lucky enough to see the bottom of the foot then I start observing the roads and routes if a person has really cracked foot. If the bottom is soft and clear, I observe the green arteries or red lines for some people.

I look at the toes and compare their length. I go like “this toe is long, but it’s owner doesn’t look like a dominator!”

I look at the sole of the foot and examine whether it’s flat or too arched. I look at certain points and think of reflexology. There’s so much personality to explore down there, but the only foot I enjoy looking at are these.

Wonder if this pic is for real CLICK ME

I forgot to mention that I also observe nails; the way they are cut and clean. I check out how hair is spread on some people's feet. I enjoy taking digital pics of foot, fingers and nails then watch them up-close. It is interesting to see how a beautiful feet can turn in to an ugly sick one with a 5 mega pixels cam :p


Hopeless Poet said...

How come you are all obsessed with body parts? I really have to develop a similar obsession too!!

I have a somehow cracked feet but it is getting better :p

So you can tell about the personality from seeing the feet? Maybe I should send you a pic of my feet to analyze me :p

Aquamarine said...

OMG OMG!! Flamingo is that picture real?? the baby's feet in the mother's belly? OMG.. that's.. hmm.. that's creepy! ouch and it must hurt!

btw.. i almost developed the feet obsession too but i think 2 obsessions would make me.. well.. its unhealthy really! :P the feet is also an amazing part of the human body. each part of it is linked to a body organ or something like that. i saw a pic once, and sub7an Allah, the foot is not JUST a foot. its a thousand things in one.

Flamingoliya said...

people don't look for obsessions :p just thank God you don't have any :p

cracked? hmm!! this means you are...... oh well, send the pic and i will give you the analysis :p

i don't know! maybe Dr.Mrs.Baker would help us finding out :)
it is creepy indeed, and that's why i didn't post it.
yeah foot are amazing. i think you should divert in to foot obsession hehehe.

Purgatory said...

This is not an obsession, it is a fetish ya um fetish :P

Aquamarine said...

no i think one blogger obsessed with feet is enough. hands are my specialty. and as a hand specialist, i do tend to look at ppl's nails as well.

ur really obsessed Flamingo. camera zoom in?? really? :Pp

Aquamarine said...

i cut some, especially for you! :D

Flamingoliya said...

No it's not. if it were, i wouldn't have posted about it :-r

how lovely! thank you! you didn't have to cut them really! :p (hawwant, i won't send you my hands pic) :-r

yes camera zoom in! you should see all those lines dead skin!

Vintage said...

la 7awla wla qowat ela bellah.. allahumma rzigna 3ala gad obsessionatna :D

Purgatory said...

embala fetish :P

Ms.Baker said...

Flaming, I have to tell you that logically, this pic is not real and honestly it doesn't take knowing a lot of medical info too. Is this woman pregnant with Superman's baby, that the child is able to push his foot so firmly against the resistance of layers of tough uterine muscle, fat, up to mom's skin (which actually could be stretched very thin during the later months of pregnancy and some bumpy baby things can often be seen) and hold it there - posing for the camera? Also, you can see the detail of the foot too clearly, and there is just too much in the way of the foot for that to happen. In reality, if the baby was so strong as to do this, you would feel and see a little rounded bump on mom's skin, and then when you felt it, pressed the skin of mom, you would feel it was a little foot. This is just great photoshop work. Know how I also could tell this photo was fake ( although it is great isn't it?) Go to the homepage of the person listing the pic on webshots. There is another one of a whale and a dog "kissng". I can tell you that Orca whales do not come that close to a boat, especially one docked at the harbor! Look at the bottom center of the whale photo. There is a line in the water, right at the edge of the water around the bottom of the boat and the whale. See? The water around the whale is wavy while the water behind the boat at the edge is totally calm, not a ripple from the whale's presence. Its just two pics spliced together, more fun with Adobe Photoshop :)

BTW, MrsBaker is not technically a Dr yet, (that is, on the way ! :) ) She studied pre-med and another medicine major, started medical school in the US but decided to go into medical research instead without the MD.
MrsBaker also was planning to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology, coincidentally.

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe :p ameen

la :(

Flamingoliya said...

i checked the whale! it looks so real! i wouldn't have noticed without your accurate instructions. you are an observer mashalla i guess that's what it takes to study those bacteria pics of yours :)
thank you for all the information there. the foot looks so real too. i should learn how to use photoshop! is there a course here?

you're a Dr. to be, so i can still call you a Dr. :)
*wonders what her specialty is*

Peach said...

holly shit that's a foot!!!!!

I only have an obsession with nice soft feet. Interesting hobby though! telling peoples personalities from thier feet lol.

But god daym if that was real! ;)

Tattas said...

I'm fond of kissing babies' feet .. I love them .. Sometimes I feel that I wanna bite them :) Specially the fingers .. they are lovely .

Flamingoliya said...

that's not real according to our muftiya Mrs.Baker. the artist was just playing with photoshop.
you can tell alot from nice soft feet :) thanks to Glysolid and Vaseline!
did you try translating holly shit? hehehe ;p

yeeeaaah so soft and eatable :)
beautiful eyes you got :p i kinda have that stare in my eye.. and it shows a bit on my profile pic.