Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cool Police Women

I got this cool email today and thought of sharing it.

طهران (د ب أ):أعلنت أكاديمية الشرطة في العاصمة الايرانية طهران السبتالماضي تخريج ثاني دفعة من الشرطة النسائية في البلاد.وقال الجنرال محمد باقر قاليباف قائد الشرطة الايرانية في حفل تخريج
دفعة جديدة من الخريجات إن الضابطات المتخرجات حديثا سيشاركن رسميا الزملاء الرجال في جهاز شرطة البلاد. وقال قاليباف "إن المعايير الاساسية في الشرطة عندنا هي الكفاءة والقدرة وليس النوع ".وكانت خريجات الدفعة الجديدة يرتدين عباءات سوداء طويلة حتىخلال التمارين التي تتضمن المطاردة بالسيارات وتسلق حوائط والقبض على المجرمين
وإعادة تجميع المدافع الرشاشة وهن معصوبات العينين.إلا أن قاليباف قال إن ارتداء العباءة ليس إلزاميا خلال عمليات معينة و بمقدور الشرطيات ارتداء المعاطف والحجاب.وكانت الدفعة الاولى من الشرطة النسائية تخرجت عام 1999 وضمت 60 ضابطة جرى توزيعهن على ستة مراكز للشرطة في طهران لتولي منصب نائب الضابط الاداري في الادارات الجنائية وإدارات التحقيق ومكتب السجلات الجنائية .وتعمل ضابطات الشرطة بالاشتراك مع الضباط من الرجال في الامور التي تتعلق بالسجلات الجنائية وتلقي الشكاوى والاجراءات القضائية خاصة في القضايا التي تكون أحد أطرافها من النساء.---واليكم الصور

This post will be deleted in a day or two since it doesn't go with my blog theme.


mydream said...

;| sorry flam bas el pics sij etha7kon ;/ 3abayas o guns ;S

Ms.Baker said...

I am torn between laughing at them and admiring them, and also whether to ask Purg if they might have something to do with his blog since they remind me of para-military penguins...;)

Aquamarine said...

lool ya i got this in an email ams.. hilarious! :Pp wats up with ppl deleting posts? just leave it! it's funny! :P don't mean it in a bad way.. bs come on!! they look like batwomen in arms! shino hatha! they need better uniforms! see i would never take them seriously looking like that! they need to reconsider.

Flamingoliya said...

hehe that's why i think they look cool :)

i admire them for doing this job without letting any barrier or bostacle stand in their way. look at them they are hanging like batmans with those abayas while i still trip when wearing it.

the post just doesn't match with my blog... the idea that this clothing wouldn't stop them from this job is worthy of admiration :)

Ms.Baker said...

Yeah flaming, doing that so professionally in abayas is pretty amazing, you are right.

Hopeless Poet said...

That is nice! All respect goes to them :)
And they look cute too ;)

Tattas said...

The pics 7adhooom Funnyyy .. bas As you said

ماشالله عليهم ما يردهم شي .. كلش و اللي يتسلقون و لا الثانية اللي طالعة من دريشة السيارة
صج شي يضحك و يثير الإعجاب بنفس الوقت

Flamingoliya said...

MrsBaker ;)

yes it is :)
cute? OK which one? :p

those two pics you referred to are the ones i liked most :)

Misguided said...

Please don't remove this post. OMG...its hillarious.

They are like Super-hero's...they got capes.

UzF said...

How strange!
they look funny but you dont wont one of them to show up late at night in the darkness in your bedroom.

Bloo said...

r they trying to bug us cz we ain't got no rights and dress freely?

and r u trying to 8allid me by saying ths post will be deleted :D

Flamingoliya said...

welcome back!
you can save the pics if you wish! :)

no i don't hehehe

you got it! that's the main purpose of this post! ;)

yes i am, it's in fashion now adays :P

Hopeless Poet said...

I think the 4th one is the cutest :P

Flamingoliya said...

Poet, yeah tough & rough

Armani.Lab said...

am really truly admiring them..

Flamingoliya said...

Armani :) long time!

Jewaira said...

When I first saw these photos in the newspaper I couldn't help but admire these ladies.

It's not very easy to climb walls or slide down ropes like that.

And they earn extra credit for doing it with all the extra clothing & material.

You see what women can do, if they put their hearts into it?
Women are strong & skillfull and very capable.
Never underestimate the power of women :)

Armani.Lab said...

Missed ya =)

Flamingoliya said...

they are certainly admirable.. 3oqbalna! :)

likewise :)