Monday, March 28, 2005

Effect of Emoticons

My brain: Emoticons were created to transfer our feelings in to online text. That is all.
My tongue: Yes true.
My brain: You think it’s true?
My tongue: Of course I do.
My brain: Then why did you stick out ( :P ) when you saw your grandmother the other night?
My tongue: Huh?! I did not!
My brain: Yes you did!
My tongue: No, I did not!
My brain: Yes you did. Your grandmother told your mom that when you saw her that night you waved and ( :P )ed at her.
My tongue: NO!!
My brain: YES! Don’t you have manners?
My tongue: I do! :(
My brain: Then how could you do that!?
My tongue: I don’t know! I’m sure I didn’t! I respect my good old grandmother and I would never do such thing!
My brain: That is what she said and you know she that does not lie!

My tongue feels guilty and rests on my jaw remembering the sinful night. My brain works hard to remind me of the events. DAMN! My brain illustrates how my tongue stuck out at my grandmother! NO! How could I?! How did I have the guts to do that?!

My brain tells me that I’m so indulged in emoticons which were created to transfer my feelings in to online text, but I got confused and misused them in real life.

My brain decides to torture my tongue by depriving it from food for a week. My tongue objects and pleads for mercy. My brain reconciles and decides to zip my mouth to prevent my tongue from sticking out.

My tongue lives happily ever after as long as my brain unzips my mouth for food.

My tongue whispers: “If Einstein; my brain’s idol did it, why shouldn’t I?”


Armani.Lab said...

your brain will miss talkin to ur tongue and will start spoiling it with sweet memories again ;)

Hopeless Poet said...

I always stick out my tongue even before there was something called the internet!!!
Also small kids do that while they never chatted online!!! So don't blame emoticons for sticking your tongue to your granny! :P

Bloo said...

i hate the word emo what ever.. i really dont like it

tadreen flf.. aslan sometimes i wanna smile from my heart.. bs mafe emo what ever for it.. so what i do is i call that person and be silent, and giggle.. thats a smile from the heart :D

Flamingoliya said...

i'm sure it will :)

i never did that. even when i did when i was young i'm sure it was intentional. the problem is that i'm doing it now unintentionally!

your blog is full of emo, how come you hate it?! :p
yes a smile comes from the heart and i hate faking it. when i do, people can feel that. but as you know we have to keep mojamalat sometimes.

Bloo said...

ya bint ya flfl,

i mean i dont like the 'word' ok let me paste it : emoticons

ya3ni i liie emotions.. emotions, i am an overly emotioned girl.. but the word, tecnical world emo what ever.. ma a7ebha :(

Flamingoliya said...

vintage, oh ok.