Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Caught in the Act

Yes, my boss has rolling eyes everywhere. Well I'm not talking about the big boss. But about the supervisor. He's a supervisor by all means. He thinks he was hired just to SUPERVISE our moves. Or in better words, MY MOVES.

Once upon a time good old Flamingoliya was working hard in her office (surfing the net that is). Her lovable (not so lovable in her supervisor's eyes) colleague decided to BREAK the law and go shopping. Flamingoliya thought that this was a brilliant idea. She kissed her PC goodbye and sneaked out. The two lovely friends (nerds) enjoyed a cruise in Soug Sharg, which isn't very far from where they work. They chose this place to shop in so that they'd be back in case of any emergency. They bought girly stuff like creams, massage oils and organic scents.

The day passed. A week passed. Minor boss called upon the two lovely friends (nerds) and asked them where and why they left that day. Flamingoliya played numb and dumb. But her lovely smart friend confessed. "The department was empty and so we left" she said.

Flamingoliya and nerd didn't know that when the department was totally empty, they were not allowed to sneak out. So bad old mean supervisor thought that this was wrong and totally unacceptable. He told big boss and showed him the report of missing attendants. It was a large list but nothing new to the daily atmosphere of their department.

Poor old Flamingoliya and her friend had a good reputation that was ruined on that specific day they sneaked out. Friend wasn't surprised at all cos her supervisor hated her (long story) so this was his pay back time. Flamingoliya was the victim. Flamingoliya couldn't be victimized. She wanted to enjoy the goods she bought (scents and creams) as if she knew she would need them that cursed day.

Up to the supervisor she went. "You victimized me" she said. "Work had to be done" he lied. (oops, I'm so indulged in this story that I just spilled my turkish coffee, thank God it didn't reach the keyboard.. Flamingoliya clicks save as). "We do not have work and you know that. The department is empty always and you know that too. Why in the HELL (Flamingoliya is playing strong in front of you guys) did you tell boss? Did you have to ruin my reputation? I've worked here since ages and I never left the workplace like that. Today I did, but other colleagues always did and still doing! Why me?! Why today?"

His only reason was that today (to Flamingoliya's bad luck) NO ONE was in the department. Did she have to sneak out before anybody did? Will supervisor call them incase they sneaked out right after her? She thinks not. He wouldn't dare talk to them. Yes, he only dares to talk to her. Because she's good.

So since that day, Flamingoliya decided to be bad. Since that day, Flamingoliya glued herself to her wooden chair 7 hours non-stop. She developed a back ache, big B****, swollen arteries, poor eye sight, wrist pain, stiff muscles, dried out skin, and increased caffeine blood levels. This is on the physical side.

As for the mental side, she developed increasing Amnesia, schizophrenia, withdrawal from the real life and extroversion in blog life.


Ra-1 said...

LOL :p

Flamingoliya said...

Ra-1 :)
ohh cute photo!
Now read the long post! hehehehe
I warned you! the post wasn't complete :p

Purgatory said...

:) fun

Flamingoliya said...

this is my longest post and you read it?! Gee! thanks! :)

enzain, i wrote all that and fun is the only word you can say? :P

ok, what was fun? the heroin's sad story (with respect to your devilish side) or the writer's sense of humor? :P

Flamingoliya said...

oh btw purg, i gained tons of fat since my "chubby/skinny" post <<< pharaoh's curse!

Bloo said...

this is the most well written , funny, wicked, self explained post you ever wrote. i totally liked it, its so organized and funny.. they dont mesh those two.. but u did it :D

Flamingoliya said...

Vintage thanks alot! wannastini wallah. maybe cos it's 100% real? unlike most of my posts where i merge reality with fiction to hide ID that is :/

Purgatory said...

because you got into trouble ya bashroosya :P

good good, chubby just in time ;)

as for the question at the top, email me with what you want to do exactly and I will see later when I get home on the question.

W. said...


how did you upload the image? Im using flickr and it sucks ASS

Purgatory said...

W,ya 3abqryat zemanech ya kitha, she did use flickr :P

Ms.Baker said...

"withdrawal from the real life and extroversion in blog life."


(ms baker cannot stop laughing because she finds this statement verrrry funny and shockingly true)



*falls on the floor*


(excellent post ya flaming flamingoliya :) )

Tattas said...

Funny .. bas 3ala goltech intay kentay magrooda that day .. I hate staying at my office when there is nothing to do .Once I and the whole division including my superevisor sneaked out for break fast in Soog Sharq , after taking the permission from our manager who was '7waarah 6ab3an .Bas 3ala 7athy , my dad caught us in the parking lot o 6ab3an enzafait .. ya3ni ako new employee tsawe chethy during the first months !

غسان said...

xx Did you have to ruin my reputation? I've worked here since ages and I never left the workplace like that. xx

I thought you are 20

Flamingoliya said...

you devil :p
chubby? ay good.. i can hardly

the easiest way is clicking (blog this) button that you will see on top of the uploaded pic in flickr. but for you, i heard that
is easier for MAC users.

Ms Baker
LOOOL true huh? ;) hehehe glad you liked it.

LOL esh'hal sodaf?! but you've got a cool supervisor! hehe

thanks! :P but 20 year olds are mostly students! while most of my posts talk about work!

Hopeless Poet said...

I have always adviced you not to play around while at work! Look now what happened? Say goodbye to the promotions and the raises! This is a black dot in your file!!

With my regards,
Employee of ALL TIME, Hopeless Poet

:P :P

Bloo said...


does it make you feel guilty doing non work during work?
if so how do u manage that feeling?

plus.. are you gonna do something positive to work after this post.. or not?

i dont know.. is this cmment too personal.
because i always feel guilty if im doing non work during work, so im stopping that surely, im gonna unplug the net during work starting sat.

Muslim said...


Armani.Lab said...

god when I read the last part of how ur gluing urself into that desk..i felt the ache on my stiff muscles..n the dryness of my hands..=/

we r having the exact same problem with our boss..instead of standing infront of my desk he stands beside where am sittin to watch my he wants the time sheet of my (acupuncture) that as he said (what if ur dad called and asked where have you been??) excuse I still in high school but pretending to work in a company =S

n while am writing this now...only the sound of the movement of his kandoora (thoob) 3ala gooltkom..makes me minimize this screen 2-4 times...

I started being rude 2 him so he won't question me again..screw my appraisal am hating his guts.. =p

Flamingoliya said...

now you're making fun of me? at least i don't have a TV in the office! :p

not at all! because i simply have no work. and even if i had, i'd postpone blogging till after i'm done with it. and if it gets too hard to resist i'd blog at work but take my work with me at home. i never managed to work at home till now, but taking it with me makes me feel less guilty especially on weekends when i feel that there's burden that has to be done; a thing that ruins my weekend and causes me stress. Besides, blogging is much better than hanging around the bunch of losers around me.

thank you for dropping by :)

LOL your case is difficult! thank God my boss doesn't hang around like that. that's really annoying.
yeah screw him, screw work, screw appraisal. blogs rule!

oh and happy new month Armani ;)

Flamingoliya said...

i gave myself a bad eye! my boss gave me work right after i posted my last comment.

Bloo said...

confession: yesterday i unplugged my internet connection to aboid myself from checking blogs.
i had the best work day ever! :) im that kind of girl who feels pretty guilty if i dont 7allil my ma3ash. now its my lunch break, so im using it to answer u :) im still cold feet about that magazine thing.. we will c what happens, i must give them something as soon as this evening.

the bunch of losers around u dont know what they have walla.. sj losers

Flamingoliya said...

good thing that you have the option to unplug! i don't.
it's the other way round here. we have break the whole day, and some little time for work.
7arra :p
mukhey jayyam min el ga3da, so i read to stimulate my mind.
give them a piece that has a beginning and an end. how about the one you had on your old blog (the girl who loved a married man).

regarding the losers, they were just banging (edanbikoon) on their desks singing (ana bil rawdha) and (6ag 6ag 6agiyya)


Bloo said...

u mean mistake of the sky... :) ok i wil do that next time.. but for this one, we made it fr zeddy.. hey flamin.. i did it..

i did it...


*u have to change ur job**

Flamingoliya said...

congrats! :))
i'm really happy for you.

yes i really have to.