Saturday, March 26, 2005

Blogger at Work

Have you ever felt annoyed by colleagues taking a peak on your screen?
Have you ever been so worked up on your blog or reading someone else’s when a colleague comes out of nowhere and looks at your screen? You immediately minimize the window you’re reading when she gives you the eye that you’ve been watching erotica or something?
Have you ever been suffocated by a talkative colleague, sent extra body signals to let her know to buzz off? You have a blogy thought that you want to post instantly or you’d loose momentary inspiration?
Have you ever nodded endlessly to a colleague telling her life story when your mind’s someBLwhereOG else?
Have you ever been called for a group talk (gossip in Kuwaiti terms) and a low fat cheese sandwich (pastry, mokhallal, greasy bo6a6 badiyyan, falafel sandwich…. in kuwaiti terms) milk and coffee (diet pepsi in Kuwaiti terms) crackers (fistiq o 7ab in Kuwaiti terms) when you’re so indulged in checking out new posts and comments?
Have you ever drunk your colleague’s bottle of water by mistake while browsing?
Have you ever forgotten your colleagues name and called her by a bloggers name?
Have you ever ordered zaydoun in your sandwich, instead of zaytoon?
Have you ever referred to Mr.Baker as Mrs.Baker?
Have you ever traded a free copy of cosmopolitan to a post of Jewaira’s?
Have you ever felt the urge to take a pic in public toilets, to show abu 7afs?
Did you ever reach a point where you abandon your real name and refer to yourself by your blog nickname? the blog nick name that shows your real personality more than your real life name does?
Have you ever held the phone to call a friend, and a blogger mate pops in to mind, you feel disappointed that you don’t have their number? and you realize that it is merely an on screen friendship?
Have you ever…… to be continued


غسان said...

Last week I was takjing to someone who was blaming me for submitting something very late, I said back: starting next week you will see a new ..... I had one moment of thinking before saying my real name instead of Ghassan!
Unfortunately, I see one blogger who I do not like on daily basis on workdays. Once, I thought I would jump in his face saying it is me Ghassan يا ......... but I did not.

Ms.Baker said...

Have you ever called a flamingo a flamingoliya? Cause thats what I did 2 days ago when my little brother asked me its name! Hahahahhaha ;)

Ms.Baker said...

This is a really great post BTW Flaming :)

Jewaira said...

Yes! Flamingoliya, Yes,to it all.
It would be less confusing if we all went by our real names.

I hope this won't mean we have to go in for psychotherapy or become schizophrenic personalities as a result of blogging!

Great post, Flamingoliya

Bloo said...

dear flamingoleya, i would be honored to take our blog relationship one step further.. and i would do the raqim-ing part, :)

and yes to all.. actually, bkil sara7a o full heart, i discovered my self more from blog. really... i really really discovered more of my self.

Hopeless Poet said...

I didn't reach that state of addiction yet :P

Flamingoliya said...

and all this time i thought that your real name was Ghassan!
this double ID is really affecting us :/
i feel that way too. i want to scream and say I AM FLAMINGOLIYAAAA! especially to people who i see in real but don't like me here heheheheh i'd love to see the expression on their faces.

hehehehehe wanasa! :D i like your new title better ;)
glad you liked the post. it was a spontanious one just like what you adviced me :)

hehe i can almost hear you say the word (yes)! hehehehe. schizophrenic personalities? YUMMA hehe yeah that is how it feels i'm tired of having multiple personalities and hiding the real one. although the real one is showing here more, but under a nick name. that is why i feel more comfortable with it than my real name. i want to say out loud ya nas, ya 3alam, ANA FLAMINGOLIYAaaAaa!! just like in the movies. on top of the hill ba3ad hehehehe.
Jewaira dear, i'm honored by your visits and encouraging comments :D

where's jood? ;p
yes i discovered myself more here and am still discovering!
thanks alot dear for the tiriqqim thing :D will tell you more by email.

oh yeah? :p

مبتدئ said...

This is an excellent post!

Zaytoun.. ehe

I wish bloggers in Kuwait had their own Island where they could live happily ever after.. ;)

Again.. I enjoyed your post

Tattas said...

Flamy .. You always amaze me with your posts .. as if you know what's in our minds .. Mashallah 3alaich .. 3ainy 3alich bardah .. Thanks alot for such a wonderful post :)

Peach said...

I find this so very touching ;)

W. said...

(plays sergio Mendes' song Magalenha)

ehm ehm.. here goes

(Me- solo)
Vem FLAMINGOLIYA rojão, traz a lenha pro fogão, vem fazer armação.
Hoje é um dia de sol, alegria de coió, é curtir o verão.

Vem FLAMINGOLIYA rojão, traz a lenha pro fogão, vem fazer armação.
Hoje é um dia de sol, alegria de coió, é curtir o verão.

(Me again)
te te te te te (drums)

te te te te te (drums)
te te te te te (drums)

Bloo said...

now reading ur post again.. i remembered brandy's song.. have you ever loved somebody so much it made you cry..

oh yeah, big time .

Flamingoliya said...

thanks alot! and welcome to my blog. the island idea seems great! hmmm i think i'm gonna write on that! :)
how about failicha? or any of the deserted islands we have here. we won't even need internet connection cos our discussions will be held live!

Flamingoliya said...

thank you! :) i know what's on your minds cos it's on my mind too! hehe 7ayyach allah and these encouraging comments really give me a boost to post more.

hehe i'm glad i touched your heart :)

Flamingoliya said...

hehehehehe thanks ;p
long time! :D

walla i didn't expect this post to be this touching hehehe