Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why Aren’t I posting?

Because I get inspired while driving my car. It’s driving me crazy. It’s not just inspiration. I compose full mind posts but when I get back home they all vanish. Maybe I’d take my car sometime in the weekend, park somewhere in the street, and post. If you see a crazy lady doing so, that would be me.
The best time is when I’m at the traffic light. I get my mobile, type the main points and then archive them. They help at home, but that’s when inspiration vanishes. Blogging is dangerous; it can cause car accidents. Yes, blogging makes me absent minded more than love does :p

Comments from similar nut cases are appreciated.


Jewaira said...

I wonder if blogging is a phenomenon imposed on us by Aliens so that we would live eternally ina virtual world?

Hopeless Poet said...

You need a pocket PC to write the whole post while stopping in the traffic lights :D
And so where will you park? I don't wanna miss seeing the crazy lady :P

Armani.Lab said...

besmellah 3aleech inshallah no accidents at all...I face the same problem when I try snapin a shot while am driving..i look funny with 1 hand on the steerin wheel n the other snappin randomly thank god my car z shaded =p

another thing distracts me big time..z browing the songs in my ipod to enjoy the ride..;)

so whats distracts u most..ur blog..or love? =p

غسان said...

I had the same symptoms, all the great ideas hit you when you are not home. When you are back, you suffer from writer spot? blot? something close and it means your brain rejects to write or organise your ideas.

Aquamarine said...

Flamingo! stop blogging while u drive and pay attention to the cars and street lights!

Ms.Baker said...

Flaming, its usually the posts that I spend time and effort composing and putting together that dont get posted, but the spontaneous ones that I think of in 5 min? ZOOM, right up there!
Madree laysh... plus, I gotta stop typing such long posts and putting up gross pictures spontaneously, don't you think?
P.S. Or complaints about my ass...

Flamingoliya said...

hehehe you think so?
maybe being so absent minded and indulged in the virtual world would make us easy preys for alien abduction or for them invading earth!
wonder if they would be phosphoric green ;P

great idea! but wouldn't you rather having me post once a week than never? :Pp
i don't know, wherever i get inspired :p

allah esalmich :)
i do that too!! but too bad shading is not allowed here. but who cares anyway, i act like a pro ;p
why use an ipod while driving?! just play the CD or cassette!


Flamingoliya said...

you go blank?
Thank God i'm not alone. maybe a voice recorder would help?

oh i would if i could, yes i know i really would. oh i would if i only could!

same here! it's like the last minutes of an exam when adrenaline is produced and you suddenly become a genius! (ahem, professionally speaking :p )

about your blog, you have good posts and ideas. maybe a summery or pointing things out would help. i think it would encourage reading for those who want to keep track with all the blogs out there :)

your gross pics are amusing. and many here like the challenge. but for the sake of having frequent visitors from all kinds, maybe just posting a link to the pic would help. so that people would have a choise in viewing it only when they are psychologically ready or when a meal is away :p

i find no reason to stop complaining about your ass. it's completely normal for an average Kuwaiti girl (ahem) and for a chocoholic baker in particular :D

one personal remark about your blog, is the black/white color :(
it hurts my eye sight and others I believe.

Vintage said...

'3assan its writer's block :)

flamingoleya.. ya3ni how about u get off to the car in the midnight, just sit in the car, in ur parking space at home.. and c ideas flow ...take a laptop for that matter since ur not actually driving :D

Flamingoliya said...

akhaf eboogooni :P
the problem isn't just when driving. it also happens when i'm talking to people, when i'm brushing my teeth, when i'm having a shower, when i'm................. and the list goes on and on. main point is that they are all inappropriate times and places :)

غسان said...

aywa Vintage:)

Armani.Lab said...

why use many CD's when i can connect my ipod to my car's fm stereo ;)

Ms.Baker said...
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Ms.Baker said...

Flaming ashoofich ta'athartay min my hairy toothy ovary ;-)
Just changed my blogs template by coincidence right before I read your suggestion! And I agree with you about my lengthy political posts. I had a lot to say about the voting issue and used my blog to help express it. Mrs Baker is very used to writing theses and papers for scientific journals you see, where lots of things must be discussed carefully :) She is also "garga" and can go on forever ;-)

Flamingoliya said...

excuse my ignorance :) i don't have one. and i'm not thinking of buying one since i have my mp3 player! unless there are differences that i don't know of, besides connecting to the stereo that is. and unless i get it as a gift :p

naaah, i liked your hairy toothy and all your gross pics. i thought you'd know by now after reading my "foot" post :p
i checked your new background and it's nice, much much better than before.
it's your blog anyway, and your zone to express issues of your interest. love your garga!!