Monday, March 14, 2005


All this time I thought that a Flamingo was a Stork and a Stork was a Flamingo and that both a Stork and a Flamingo were Flamingoliya :p

Stork (Laqlaq)

Flamingo (Bashroos)
Flamingoliya :p

Thank you Purg for clearing things out.

When I was searching for flamingo pics on yahoo search engine, I tried to search using my nick name flamingoliya, hoping I was famous enough to be posted on the net and guess what the results were?

Type your nick name and find out!


Hopeless Poet said...

How could you confuse your identity?? It was clear that you were not a stork from the start :P

I searched my nick between quotation marks and I get some results from my blog and the comments I posted in your blog and Aquamarine's blog!

Flamingoliya said...

i knew i was the pink flamingo, but thought it meant laqlaq in arabic. now i know that laqlaq is the translation of another bird called stork. so when i looked stork up it looked so similar to a flamingo! both have long legs.
all this time i thought that there was only one long legged bird called flamingo in english/ laqlaq in arabic :p
you know, i live in the desert and i am only familiar with herds :p

Flamingoliya said...

poet yes the search engine shows it all!! and i thought i was famous! :P

Armani.Lab said...

oh thanx 4 enlightening our information..i luved the pic that was generated of ur nick name..when i typed mine..the only pix i got was a pair of jeanz n a top =p

Flamingoliya said...

you're welcome :)
yes, she looks like me and i love frisbee.
about the search thing, i found all my posts and comments there which means that all blogspot is monitored by yahoo.

Hopeless Poet said...

Well google, excite and msn will give you also almost the same results not just yahoo. I guess we are that famous :P

Purgatory said...


Aquamarine said...

a7a7im! as for me, Google refers to me as a "gemstone". nothing new. i knew that already. ;)

Flamingoliya said...

poet, wow! :)

prug (:

aqua, try "girl-online.blogspot" ;)

Aquamarine said...

ooh.. that doesnt make me a gemstone anymore! :(

Vintage said...

at google it produced 39,200,000 for 'vintage'

i cleared my throat, tried 'vintage' and 'kuwait'
it gave 101,000

again i cleared my throat,

tried 'vintage' and 'kuwait' and 'q8hub'
gave only 1 result from

im glad my posts are still available there walla.


Flamingoliya said...

aqua, LOL :) nice hands! ;p
Imagin me with a foot profile pic! yuck! hehehe

Vintage, good! but i still can't figure out why you deleted them!

Bashar is still wearing the Vintage shirt.

Vintage said...

told u .. i got busted by my sis,

Flamingoliya said...

vintage, Oh!!