Saturday, March 19, 2005

On Hina

قالو لي بأن ريحتك حلوه
للشعر تضيفي صبغة
لمعان ونعومة وصحة

ريحتك قلبت كبدي
لونك على شيباتي قلب برتقالي
طوفان من الماء البني في حمامي
عشيبات سكرت مجرى دورة مياهي
فركت ودعكت إلى أن خلص شامبوي النباتي

يقولون أن الشعر الأبيض زينة على راسي
فقررت أن أتخلص من حنة حماتي
وأن أتشبه بسرياتي... مدبرة المنزل الهندية

كم من مرة راضتني بخبزة الشباتي
وكم من مرة طبطبت علي في جنون نوباتي
جعلها الله ذخرا لأبنائي وبناتي


Hopeless Poet said...

Yeah I hate hinna too! The smell and the color are disgusting to me!! I don't even like to shake hands with any woman putting it :P

And I like white hair! I want to have some :D

Flamingoliya said...

hehehee i'm glad :D

BloBoz said...

Weha , finally found someone share me the hate , I know someone can't live without smelling it :\ , and el meshklah enah yegoalan enha men rey7at el ganah !! , Bah , i don't wanna think about it ...

Flamingoliya said...

i hate it's smell!! i'm sure that it smells much much better bil janna :)

Ra-1 said...

u wrote these lines??!

Bloo said...

since you posted this... BE PREPARED FOR A BADU RESPONSE.

**vintage tshammer and gets ready to kick some ass, ***

7enna is the best thing that ever happened to me, i love its effect on my hair, and since i already told u the best thing i have on me is my hair, and elkil bas ysti7if about my hair.. 3ayal 7enna has everything to do with it
it brings shine to the hair, very very shiny
it builds it all together makes it held together

eases down the curls - trust me on this one especially-

o ree7at.ha.. hmm i cant judge, cz i lost the ability to smell since i was a kid due to fever..

fa nooooooooooooooooooo i disagree with u

i love you, but i love 7enna wayed wayed wayed.

and yep i have white hair, and off the effect of 7nna on that is not good, but thats why there is red colored dying:D

mydream said...

re7at el 7ennah tethakerni eb yadety o mo3anatna we7na yahal qaseb e7anoonah :S

Bloo said...

did i say 7enna is the best thing that ever happened to me ????

how pathetic is that !! looool

Ms.Baker said...

If only I could use 7inna, it makes my hair orange not that deep chestnut tea colored red I wish I could have...*sigh*

Flamingoliya said...

yes! :) and i felt every bit of it.
thank you for visiting.

LOL yes you did say that it's the best thing that ever happened to you! :P to me hinna is more associated with indians! not badu in particualr, i don't know maybe because i'm not so much mingled with them.
why didn't hinna have the same effects on me too? doesn't it mean that your hair is naturally healthy? or maybe you use original kinds of hinna? i do it at salon so maybe it's not that good. and it's usually mixed with coffee. they say it's better for the coloring thing. and i say it's better for the smell thing. it's so sad that you lost your smelling ability :/ but trust me, it doesn't smell good :p
you have white hair too? what is it with the new generation? i thought white hair only appears at 40 minimum.
never tried dying, makes hair dry and you have to keep dying it forever.

kanat et7i6li fi eedi, i remember it felt numb and i hated the softy feeling and the khirja wrapped hands and then the orange color. looks like dirt! i did it cuz i thought it was obligatory then stopped at the age when i knew i could simply say NO to hinna :)

me too. i guess it's either they use hinna more often like twice a month, or add things to hinna like coffee or dye!?

Jood, help us here! :p

Gabz said...

:) good rithim.

Flamingoliya said...

Thanks Gabz :)