Friday, March 18, 2005

Tell Me Why?

Why do I sleep early on weekends and wake up early with a headache?
Why do I sleep late on workdays and hardly get out of bed in the morning.
Why does watching TV have a special flavor at times when I have to study or work?
Why do I eat more when I'm on a diet and eat less when I stop?
Why in the last minutes of an exam, I do my best?
Why do I start doing my homework or studying for an exam at midnight?
Why do I loose words when I need to speak
Why do I act funny when people are serious?
Why do I blog most at work, when I’m freer at home
Why do I bring my work home when I can do it at work?
Why do I eat chips when I’m feeling lonely?
Why do I eat chocolate when I’m depressed?
Why do I end up with people I don’t like and loose people I like?
Why do I feel lazy in the afternoon and feel even lazier after my afternoon nap
Why do I say hello to people who don’t know me, and ignore the people I know
Why do I remember people who have forgotten me, and vice versa
Why do I say friendly words to people who don’t concern me, and find difficulty with people I love?
Why do I keep forgetting that (sa3tich abrak) is the answer for (forsa sa3eeda)
Why when I made sure that (ayyamich sa3eeda) is the answer for (3eedich embarak), I said it to a guy without changing it to masculine


Purgatory said...

ok where do I fit in those catagories :P

Gabz said...

i don't know why, but i know that it happens to ALL of us. does that make you feel better?

and for that last thing, it took me a while to know that too hehe.

Aquamarine said...

loool! the last one made me laugh! :P

lemme try to give an explaination for some (u should have put numbers, bs yala its ok :P).

eating more when on diet.. well maybe its becuz when you feel deprived of something, u like it more.

last min. of examns.. maybe cuz u work better when under time pressure?

studying at midnight.. maybe cuz during the day u feel lazy and keep procrastinating until u realize its night time and the exam is tomorrow so u have no choice but to study otherwise fail.

blogging at work.. maybe to escape doing ur work? do u fool urself by saying ur just taking a break?

chips when lonely.. hmmm.

chocolate when depressed.. it makes the depression go away. it tastes good. makes u feel better.

ending up with ppl u dont like and loosing those u like.. thats sad. u need to learn to get rid of the ones u dont like and keep the ones u do! shloon u loose them??

saying hello to those u dont know and ignore ppl u know.. maybe thats y u loose the ppl u like!!

ayamich sa3eeda.. i always 4get that too! i feel like every 3eed i have to relearn it.

nice post! :)

Hopeless Poet said...

You are asking too many questions!

Regarding this question: "Why do I keep forgetting that (sa3tich abrak) is the answer for (forsa sa3eeda)" I though the answer is "Ana As3ad" :P
And when someone tells me 3eedik embarak I answer Allah ybarik feek! :P

Flamingoliya said...
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Flamingoliya said...

Purg, i don't know :p

yes it does :)
thank you for dropping by.

will need a seperate comment area.

i was just expressing myself more than asking.
ana as3ad?! NOOOOOOOOOO :(
here i did it once more. I HATE YOU! :p

ray said...

why did i skip my class today

oh wait .. i already know the answer

Flamingoliya said...

hi :) thank you for taking the time to comment. i thought of numbering them, but i didn't expect detailed comments so thanks again :)
1. about diet (kil mamnoo3 marghoob).
2. time pressure, you got it.
3. studying at midnight, i guess time pressure applies here too.
4. once i start blogging, i can't stop. and i hate my job too.
5. crunching chips relieves tension and pressure (maybe you should research about it and post it under your "did you know" posts)
6. chocolate contains relieving components. i regard it as safe alcohol :p
7. about friends, if i knew how and why, i wouldn't be complaining! :/
8. hello point, hmm maybe :p
9. the problem lies most on things said on unexpected situations. i mean you can rehearse all night about eid greeting. but what if someone bumped in to you and said forsa sa3eeda stuff? :/ i usually go blank. and when i really become smart, i say thank you :p it's the easiest fuss free answer.

Flamingoliya said...

LOL Ray!

Hopeless Poet said...

Thank you! :(

Flamingoliya said...

Poet, ME MORE!
i asked about this, they say both answers are applicable. yours is more Arabic. mine is more kuwaiti. wallaho a3lam.

Jewaira said...

Sounds like me Flamingoliya asking all those questions :)

Flamingoliya said...

Jewaira, glad I'm not alone :)

Tattas said...

Dear Flamy .. you are really not alone .. You questions apply to me too ..specially those two :

1-Why do I end up with people I don’t like and loose people I like?

2-Why do I say friendly words to people who don’t concern me, and find difficulty with people I love?

Once I have the answer I would be the most happiest person on earth .

Flamingoliya said...

Dear Tattas,
maybe if we achieved number 2, we would be able to achieve number 1?
thank you for sharing.

Tattas said...

Yessss .. smart girl .. This would be really helpful .. Eventhough , this won't be enough for people that you really love and want tos tary with for ever ..I think it's the philosophy of life ..It likes to torture us by taking what we like while giving us what we dislike

يعني بالكويتي : اللي يبينا عيت النفس تبيغه و اللي نبيه عيه البخت لا يجيبه

Don't u think so ?

Flamingoliya said...

Tattas i totally agree with you :/

i would like to add ba3ad:
تجري الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن
i don't know if it applies here or not hehehe but i like it.

Tattas said...

It does 6ab3an .. and I have another one :

ليس كل ما يتمناه المرء يدركه


Flamingoliya said...

اتمنى أن أدرك كل ما أتمناه