Sunday, March 20, 2005

First Shaiba

Inspired by my pervious post about Hinna… when did you first notice white hair on your head? What was the cause?

I had mine at 18 because of the stress and horror I felt towards my strict American professor at college.

Why do we keep dying our hair for eternity?
Look how cute this lady looks.

Don't you just love his grey hair?


Jewaira said...

How terrible to have a college professor that is so intimidating to give you white hairs!!!


No one has white hair now because almost everyone dyes their hair

Aquamarine said...

george clooney's gray hair! i love! oh yes i do!

Purgatory said...

I think I was 25, maybe when am 50 I would have hair like richard gere, now that would be class :)

Flamingoliya said...

he gave me my first white hair, some other teachers gave me permanent heart scars :/

yes oh yes! :)

hmmm! make sure to call me when you're 50 ;p

Purgatory said...

ok I will remember that :P and you better pick up the phone

غسان said...

أنا بين نارين. نار هُجوم الصلع بسبب التستسرون، ونار غزو الشُعيرات البيضاء بسبب مجهول، وكُل هذا قبل ال25 سنة. ياتُرى كيف سأدخل الثلاثين؟

رجاء خاص، لا تنشرين مواضيع عن الشعر احتراماً لحالتي :(

Hopeless Poet said...

I think I had one back in highschool and my friend removed it! I would like to have more ..I want my hair to be grey (silver)! I want it to be silver now! I wanna be called Silver Hair Poet :P

Flamingoliya said...

purg, I sure will!

Ghassan, LOL.. enshalla :p

Poet, once you pick one; more will grow!
silver haired poet? sounds romantic :D

Armani.Lab said...

started when i was 25 yrs old..n now 3ndy shela =p

Flamingoliya said...

LOL... Hinna too?

Ra-1 said...

I had my first white hair last year! o sawet mana7a belbet :p

Flamingoliya said...

Ra-1 hehehe! hope you didn't pick it off.

Ra-1 said...

no I didnt !
just cut it every now and then :p

Purgatory said...

ok, I will be 50 bacher :P

Ms.Baker said...

Oh flaming, my white hairs started when I was 25, after a family tragedy. Luckily, they have held steady, and I dont have too many yet. Purg, shinoo 50? And you thought I was 40 ya mr old man??? ;)

Flamingoliya said...

Ra-1 (is that Rawan?)
that's what i used to do until there were too many to cut! and they stuck out on my head(since white hairs tend to be coarse)and looked ugly!


so i guess it's true what they say about having white hair at a young age is all psychological (like in my case too).
purg thought you're 40? i think you're in your early/mid 30s.

Ms.Baker said...

And you are exactly right, ya ms. very perceptive flamingoliya :)

Eeh, Purg kabbarnee 3ala ilfathee, maa yikhaaf min rabba :p.
And remember, age 30 today is like the 20 of 30 years ago, 40 like 30, 50 like 40! So really, I am in my twenties, heheheh ;) Actually, I am only just starting to get used to and being ok with it, age is all in your mind you know flaming, its all about being happy with where you are at and what you have accomplished and learned at each stage :)

Flamingoliya said...

yes that is why i feel i'm just 20! ;)
it's attitude and not age. my idol about this age thing is Saba7 :)

Ms.Baker said...

Oh God flaming, how I love saba7, she is just amazing, amazing, full of life force, may God bless and keep her. She's one of my idols too, she has never let anything from the many years she has lived and its disappointments get her down or keep her from being positive and energetic..may we all be the same inshallah :)

Flamingoliya said...

inshalla! she's wonderful and i agree with all what you said. mashallah 3alaiha.. if she could only inject us with her strength.